Reservations for Buhsman's Revenge in October and for Møster! in November are online: Reservations!

Tickets for Delving + Iron Jinn in Sojo in November are for sale!

Delving, a side project of Elder guitar player Nick Di Salvo, will play at Sojo on November 21! Supported by Iron Jinn.

The Norwegian band Bushman's Revenge with Red Kite guitar player Even Hermansen will plat at Sojo on October 5th!

Moster! with Snah (Motorpsycho), Nikolai Hængsle (Elephant 9, Needlepoint) and Kenneth Kapstad (Spidergawd) will return to Sojo on November 2!

Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers will support The Bevis Frond at Het Depot!

Alain Johannes will support Masters of Reality at Het Depot!

Another collab with Stuk in Leuven, on May 24 Ufomammut will play at the Labozaal!

Locals Cuberdon will support Elephant 9 in March and Dorre is added as support for Hedvig Mollestad Trio in April!

On April 17 The Bevis Frond will play at the foyer of Het Depot!

Reservations for Elephant 9 in March and for Hedvig Mollestad Trio in April are online: Reservations!

Chris Goss and his Masters of Reality will play at Het Depot in Leuven on May 21!

We'll collaborate with Stuk in Leuven for 2 concerts of Swans with special guest Maria W Horn on February 10 and 11! These are seated concerts in the intimite Soetezaal in Stuk and part of the Artefact festival 2024.

Elephant 9 will return to Sojo on March 16 and Hedvig Mollestad Trio will play on April 11!

Leuven-based instrumental trio Belomorkanal will open the evening with YODOK III in November. Reservations are online!

Lorenzo Stecconi will support YODOK III in Sojo in November!

Gnome will open up for Elder and Slomosa at Het Depot in November!

On September 22 drone pioneers SUNN O))) will play at Het Depot!

Tickets for Elder and Slomosa are for sale: Tickets.

Elder will return to Leuven! On November 3 they will play at Het Depot. Support is Slomosa.

Reservations for Fatso Jetson + High Desert Queen and for Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten + Undskyld are online: Reservations.

YODOK III will play at Sojo's on Saturday November 11! Get ready to be overwhelmed by trance-like soundscapes evolving into superintense eruptions. With Tomas Järmyr (Sunswitch, Black Moon Circle, Arabrot, Motorpyscho, ZU), Kristoffer Lo (Sunswitch) and Belgian drone master Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning)!

Fatso Jetson will return to Sojo on Thursday May 25! Tour support is High Desert Queen.

Suka!Mabuk, former Orange Factory intern, has designed a super psychedelic poster for Black Moon Circle and Bismut: Check it out here

Reservations for Black Moon Circle, Bismut & Shift and for Red Kite & Wheel Of Smoke are online: Reservations.

More impressive heavy rocking power jazz from Norway at Sojo's! On Saturday April 29 Red Kite with Torstein Lofthus from Elephant9 will play, and on Saturday June 17 Krokofant will play together with Ingebrigt Håker Flaten & Elephant9's Ståle Storløkken.

Norwegian space rockers Black Moon Circle with Tomas Järmyr (Motorpsycho) and Scott Heller, aka Dr Space (Øresund Space Collective) will play at Sojo on March 25! On tour with Bismut from Nijmegen.

Thanks a million to everyone for 2 incredible anniversary days at Het Depot! You can find pics here.

Reservations for Needlepoint are online: Reserve here.

New date for Needlepoint, they play in Sojo on Thursday May 5.

Too bad, but forced to cancel the Needlepoint concert due to covid. Sorry! Show will be postponed to Spring.

With a fresh debut EP under their belt the local youngsters of Onionfuzz will warm up the audience for Needlepoint.

Unfortunately Delving had to cancel their tour. Needlepoint however will still play in Sojo on February 19!

Glad to have found a new date for Delving. They will play on February 19, the same day as Needlepoint!

Most of the Delving tour is cancelled, so the band will not play in Sojo on December 7. Hope to reschedule to February.

With the line up complete now, day and weekend tickets for 25 Years Orange Factory go on sale via Het Depot. Cheers to Malleus for the rad poster!

We're really stoked that Motorpsycho will join our 25th anniversary in Het Depot next year, they'll do a full set on Friday evening!

Happy to say that Needlepoint will play in Sojo on Saturday February 19! The band blends beautiful rock songs with jazzy rhythms dripped in a thick 70s Canterbury sauce.

Hypnos 69 to return live on stage! Yes, you read it correctly, Hypnos 69 will play live once more, and we're super proud that they will do an exclusive set at 25 Years Orange Factory in 2022!

Really happy to welcome the Swiss space rockers of Monkey3 on stage at our 25 Years Orange Factory event in 2022!

Glad to announce a live concert for this year! On December 7, delving, a new project by Elder frontman and multi-instrumentalist Nick DiSalvo will play in Sojo!

Super happy to celebrate our 25th anniversary with our long time friends of the mighty Ufomammut and with a more recent Sojo favourite, Elephant9! More bands TBA. As per usual not many bands so all have a decent set length.

Next year: 25 years of Orange Factory! Preparing a delicious line up to celebrate on September 23 and 24 of 2022 @ Het Depot, Leuven

Sorry to say that the YodokIII show in Sojo will not happen. Unfortunately the band had to cancel their tour, but let's hope we're just postponing.

OK, it might be presumptuous but we couldn't keep ourselves any longer from announcing a live concert again! On Saturday September 25 we're hosting YODOK III at Sojo's! YODOK III is a band with Tomas Järmyr (Motorpyscho), Kristoffer Lo (Sunswitch) and Belgian drone master Dirk Serries! Impossible to classify but at times they might remind you of artists like GY!BE, Sunn O))), Sigur Rós or even John Coltrane. Support are Belomorkanal from Leuven.

Of course not sure if we'll be allowed to do a gig and under which conditions, but we want to believe that it might be possible and want to be prepared if we can, because it's been way too long!

Not much happening here, but we've some hopes that there might be shows again this Autumn. Meanwhile feel free to dive into our past and follow the Orange Factory series at Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe on Radio Scorpio.

Sadly no new date could be found for the Masters of Reality concert. Het Depot will inform ticket holders via e-mail.

Bummer not to be able to announce concerts, so we've prepared a street expo in Leuven with our Malleus offset posters!

The Masters of Reality tour is postponed to 2021 due to the measures against COVID19. We hope to know a new date soon. Ticket holders will be informed by e-mail via Het Depot.

Malleus did a brilliant poster for the upcoming Elephant9 show, check it out here.

Rrrags will be supporting Monster Magnet in Het Depot and the young rockers of Onionfuzz will open up for Elephant9 in Sojo.

Excited to announce desert legend Chris Goss and his Masters of Reality in Het Depot in Leuven on Saturday May 16.

A warm wintery poster from Malleus rock art Lab for the Møster! concert, check it out here.

Reservations for the Elephant9 show in Sojo in March are online: Reservations. There’s also a little change in our timings, future shows in Sojo will have doors opening at 20:00 in stead of 19:00.

There will be a Malleus Rock Poster Expo during the Platenbeurs @ Den Amer in Diest on Sunday February 9! Come and check out the newest hand made Malleus prints and maybe find one to brighten your walls at home!

Local tribal space drone quartet Cave Inn will open up for Møster! in Sojo on January 18.

We are super sorry to have to announce that the Bushman's Revenge and Undskyld concert in Sojo this Saturday is postponed. Unfortunately the bass player of Bushman's Revenge broke his arm. The band apologises for cancelling and are looking forward to come and play in Sojo next year!

Tickets for Monster Magnet are on sale: Tickets and reservations for Møster! are online: Reservations.

It seems like Sojo becomes a Norwegian living room once in a while, so to continue on that path, we’re delighted to announce that Elephant9, the ultimate organ driven heavy psychedelic rock band, will return on March 7!

Monster Magnet are back on the road and we'll collaborate with Het Depot for the concert in Leuven on Friday January 31. Monster Magnet will play Powertrip in its entirety.

A smashing new poster from Malleus rock art Lab for the Bushman's Revenge concert, check it out here.
Reservations for Bushman's Revenge are online: Reservations.

We’re delighted to welcome back in Sojo, the Norwegian band Møster!, an adventurous psychedelic rock band with Nikolai Eilertsen (Elephant9), Kenneth Kapstad (Spidergawd), Kjetil Møster and Snah (Motorpsycho).

Another cracking poster from Malleus rock art Lab for the Hedvig Mollestad Trio concert, check it out here.

Reservations for Hedvig Mollestad Trio and Hidden Trails are online: Reservations.

Stoked to say that Bushman's Revenge, another Norwegian trio on Rune Grammofon specialising in refreshing heavy rock / power jazz / free psych, will visit Sojo on November 2! Undskyld will open the evening.

Another cool poster by Maarten De With for the Yawning Man concert in Sojo, check it out here.

Belgian poster artist Maarten De With made a cool poster for the Fire! show at Het Depot, check it out here.

The jolly stoner rockers of Gnome will open up the evening for Yawning Man on July 6.

Hedvig Mollestad Trio will play in Sojo on October 5, if you have not yet heard the band, Classic Rock Magazine dubbed them "Jazz Sabbath". The psychedelic rockers of Hidden Trails will support.

Reservations for Yawning Man are online: Reservations.

Happy to announce that Mario Lalli and Gary Arce will return to Sojo with Yawning Man on July 6.

We are very pleased to announce that Fire! - Mats Gustafsson’s take on free jazz, noise and psychedelic rock - will play at the foyer of Het Depot on May 5.

The top-notch poster artists of Malleus rock art Lab made a terrific poster for the Motorpsycho show at Het Depot, check it out here.

Sadly due to illness of one of the bandmembers, the Monomyth gig on March 23 is cancelled.

We’re very delighted to announce that Norway’s heavy psychedelic wizards Motorpsycho will play in Het Depot on May 22!

The Dutch space rockers of Monomyth will return to Sojo on Saturday March 23.

Fench stoner rock band Glowsun will also support Brant Bjork in Het Depot. Doors open a little earlier, at 19:30.

The Melvins concert in Het Depot is sold out!

Swedisch artist Shitkid will support Melvins and the psychedelic rockers of The Sonic Dawn will open up for Brant Bjork.

Hedonist, a hard rockin' & hard groovin' power trio from Genk is added as support for tuba doom sludge band Sunswitch in Sojo. The swampy voodoo rock of Aardvarken will open the evening on September 8!

Some support bands for upcoming shows are confirmed, Aardvarken will support Sunswitch, Barabbas plays with Elephant9, and Canadians Dead Quiet are on tour with John Garcia & the Band of Gold.

Happy to announce longtime heroes the Melvins at Het Depot on Monday October 1.

Another desert rock legend and Kyuss member will visit Het Depot in Leuven, John Garcia & the Band of Gold play here on Tuesday February 19.

Desert rock legend Brant Bjork will return to Leuven, for a gig at Het Depot on 8th of November.

Our privacy policy is updated to follow the new European legislation about data protection. Read HERE about which data, why and to what purpose, we gather when you use our website, subscribe for the newsletter or make reservations.

Reservations for Sunswitch and Elephant9 are online: Reservations.

Proud to present Sunswitch, a most original doom-post-rock band with Tomas Järmyr of Motorpsycho and Zu on drums and Kristoffer Lo on tuba, in Sojo on Saturday September 8.

We’re very happy to announce that the thundering force from Norway called Elephant9 will strike again in Sojo on Saturday November 10!

Fu Manchu at Het Depot is sold out.

Fire Down Below will support Fu Manchu at Het Depot.

The Monster Magnet concert in Het Depot is sold out!

Our favourite rock art lab Malleus made a splendid spaced-out poster for the Fu Manchu gig in Het Depot, check it out here. Table Scraps and ¡Pendejo! are toursupport for Monster Magnet.

We’re excited to be collaborating with Het Depot again for the first ever Monster Magnet show in Leuven on Monday May 28.

Straight from California, we present Fu Manchu, going strong since 1990 and for the first time in Leuven on Monday March 26 at Het Depot (gig in association with Metadrone and Het Depot).

We’re pleased to announce that Berlin’s funkiest heavy psych band, Coogans Bluff, and Belgian’s Hidden Trails, with Dave and Tom from Hypnos69, will play in Sojo on Saturday March 17. Locals Sher Khan are opening.

We're happy to welcome Mario Lalli and friends to Sojo's once more, Yawning Man will play on Sunday December 3. Support is Rivercrest.

Undskyld are confirmed as support for BOL&SNAH. Reservations for this show are on line: Reservations.

We’re super stoked to announce that BOL&SNAH with Ståle Storløkken (Elephant 9) and Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan (Motorpsycho) will come to play in Sojo on February 10 of next year!

The local stoner rockers of Gnome will support Bang and Bathsheba in Sojo. And Malleus did another super stunning concert poster for this show, check it out here.

Reservations for Bang and Bathsheba are on line: Reservations.

Malleus did a cool and very fitting concert poster for Møster! in Sojo, check it out here.

We’re excited to announce that heavy seventies rock band Bang, often called America’s answer to Black Sabbath, will play in Sojo on Sunday May 28. Also in the line-up are promising new Belgian doomband Bathsheba.

Reservations for Møster! are on line: Reservations.

Dutch psych rockers Radar Men from the Moon will support Colour Haze and My Sleeping Karma at Het Depot. Local guys Leisure Suit Harry will open for Møster! in May.

German heavy psych bands Colour Haze and My Sleeping Karma team up in 2017, we'll host their show at Het Depot on Saturday 18th of March.

We're totally excited to announce that Møster! featuring Snah (Motorpsycho) will play in Sojo on May 13!.

Tune Up Records in Antwerpen will host a Malleus poster art expo from October 9 to November 27.

Reservations for Monomyth and Hidden Trails on Saturday November 26 are online: Reservations.

Happy to announce some trippy psychedelic rock in Sojo with Monomyth and Hidden Trails on Saturday November 26.

Reservations for Elephant9 & Reine Fiske are online: Reservations.

We're super stoked to say that Elephant9 plus Reine Fiske will return to Sojo's on Wednesday September 28 for what surely will be another awesome live show from these Norwegian heavy psychedelic spacejazz rockers!

Malleus also did a limited silkscreen edition of the gig poster for Motorpsycho at Het Depot, check it out here.

Malleus made a nifty concert poster for the Motorpsycho show in Het Depot, check it out here. And let's see if you recognize this new Malleus art print, go to our new screenprint page.

The Californian space rockers of Farflung will play in Sojo on the 9th of June!

Here's the ticketinfo for the Motorpsycho show in Het Depot: Tickets. Reservations for Mugstar are now also online: Reservations.

We’re very excited to announce that Motorpsycho, the Norwegian masters of heavy psychedelic indie stoner prog hardrock, will play in Het Depot on April 29!

Our favourite poster artists of Malleus did 2 stunning posters for the upcoming concerts. Check them out here.

Well in advance, but eager to announce one of the highlights of Roadburn 2015 live in Sojo: Mugstar, supported by local youngsters Moonward.

Glad to say that Golden Void, a band with the guitar player of Earthless, and Holy Sons, solo project of Emil Amos (Grails, Om, Lilacs & Champagne) will play in Sojo on January 28!

Belgian drone guitarist Ashtoreth will support Monkey3 in Sojo.

Reservations for Monkey3 are online: Reservations.

Happy to announce that Monkey3 will play in Sojo on November 8!

Malleus made a high octane poster for the concert of Elephant9, SardoniS and Hidden Trails, check it out here.

Reservations for Elephant9, SardoniS and Hidden Trails are on line: Reservations.

We are proud to present an eclectic evening with jazz rock from Norway's Elephant9, the official release party of new SardoniS album III, and Hidden Trails (with Hypnos69 rhythm section) on Saturday September 12 in Sojo.

Reservations for Circle and for the Elder and Mos Generator show are on line: : Reservations.
30,000 Monkies are added as support for Circle on May 27.

In collaboration with Heartbreak Tunes, we present Elder and Mos Generator at Sojo!

We're excited to announce that Circle, Finland’s masters of hypnotic heaviness, will return to Sojo's on May 27!

Another one sold out! Thanks everyone for coming out to the Spidergawd / Coogans Bluff show.

The maximum amount of reservations for the Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man gig is reached. There might be tickets available again after 20.30h in case some reservations are not picked up.

Wheel of Smoke is added as support for the Siena Root show on Friday March 27th. Reservations are on line : Reservations.

Siena Root will play Sojo's again on Friday March 27th! Their show in Trix has been relocated to this date and venue because of changes in the tour schedule.

Barabbas will support Fatso Jetson + Yawning Man in Sojo on February 7 and Fonooklo will open for Spidergawd and co on March 14th in Sojo.
Malleus made 2 lovely posters for these shows, check them out here.

Reservations for Fatso Jetson + Yawning Man and for Spidergawd are on line : Reservations.

Very pleased to announce that Fatso Jetson + Yawning Man will return to Sojo on Saturday February 7th!

Extremely delighted to announce that Spidergawd, feat. Motorpsycho's Bent Sæther & Kenneth Kapstad, will play at Sojo's on Saturday March 14th, support bands are Coogans Bluff and Soup!

Orange Factory friends and aficionados are setting up a small anniversary party to support Orange Factory cause they dig what we do! Thanks guys! The UK psychedelic space rockers of Mugstar will headline this Orange Birthday Tribute, a day with mainly local bands that played at Orange Factory shows in the past. Thank you all!

Don't forget to make your reservation for the Lonely Kamel and Order of Israfel show on September 27: Make a reservation.

The Order of Israfel will support Lonely Kamel in Sojo on September 27!
Malleus made 2 cool posters for the shows of Rose Windows and Lonely Kamel, check them out here.

Rivercrest will support Rose Windows in Sojo on July 26! Reservations are on line: Make a reservation.

We're sorry to announce the cancellation of the 17 Years of Orange factory birthday event. We don't seem to find the right bands to complete a line up that we can totally support. In stead of going along with the current tendency for bigger venues and more bands, we prefer to focus on small concerts like the ones we've been organizing for the last 17 years. We started doing shows because a lot of bands we like did not play in Belgium but since the recent increase of stoner, doom and psychedelic festivals in this little country we don't feel like we can add anything on that level for now. Apologies to Dozer and anyone who was looking forward to this.

Lonely Kamel will still perform on September 27, but at Sojo's.

Reservations for Greenleaf are online: Make a reservation.

Melodic psych rock band Rose Windows will play in Sojo on Saturday July 26!

Orange Factory is proud to present Dozer and Lonely Kamel for our 17th Birthday Bash at Het Depot on Saturday September 27! More bands to be announced.

Greenleaf, the other band of Dozer's guitarist, will do a gig in Sojo on June 3rd.
Malleus made some lovely posters for the shows of The Entrance Band and the Ultra Electric Mega Galactic and Sasquatch, check them out here.

Reservations for The Entrance Band are online: Make a reservation.

On Tuesday April 29 The Entrance Band will play at Sojo's. Support are local youngsters Moonward.
U-Boat is confirmed as support for the Ultra Electric Mega Galactic and Sasquatch in May.

Reservations for the Ultra Electric Mega Galactic and Sasquatch are online: Make a reservation.

We're pleased to announce that Ed Mundell is back on the psychedelic hard rock instrumental train with his new project, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic! The band will play in Sojo's on Thursday May 8, together with Sasquatch.

Massis will support Baby Woodrose and Pektop will open for Monkey3.

Thank you everyone who joined our birthday party at Het Depot! You can find photos and reviews under History.
Reservations for Monkey3 are online: Make a reservation.

Sound Of Liberation presents the Magickal Mastery Tour, a journey through fifteen years of Ufomammut music, performing under a new light songs from Godlike Snake to ORO! On September 28 in Het Depot at 16 Years of Orange Factory.

We're happy to announce that Monkey3 will play at Sojo on Friday December 6th.

Reservations for Baby Woodrose are online: Make a reservation.

Malleus Rock Art Lab will be attending our upcoming anniversary event with an exhibition and they made a cool poster for the event: check it out here!

The line up for the 16 Years of Orange Factory event is completed with the Danish band Telstar Sound Drone.

Monomyth from Holland is added to the line up for the 16 Years of Orange Factory party.

Reservations for Five Horse Johsnon are online: Make a reservation.
Presale tickets for 16 Years of Orange Factory are on sale, here's where you can find them.

There is a new date for the Baby Woodrose gig, they'll play in Sojo's on the 20th of November!

Orange Factory is proud to present Colour Haze and Ufomammut, two bands that played in Sojo's for the first time in 2001 already, as headliners for our 16th Birthday Bash at Het Depot on Saturday September 28! The Italian band Zolle will open the evening.

Prepare for some heavy acid blues, Five Horse Johnson will play in Sojo on July 26!

We're sorry to announce that the concert of Baby Woodrose in Sojo's is cancelled! Lorenzo Woodrose has acquired a really bad throat infection and has temporarily lost his voice. There will be no gigs in Sojo's on April 11, our apologies! We wish Lorenzo a quick recovery and hope to see him and Baby Woodrose live later this year!

Our lovely friends of Malleus made posters for our upcoming shows: check them out here.

Reservations for Yawning Man and Fatso Jetson are online: Make a reservation.

The maximum amount of reservations for the Karma to Burn gig is reached. There might be tickets available again after 20.30h in case some reservations are not picked up.

Very happy to say that desert rock legends Yawning Man and Fatso Jetson will play in Sojo on May 10!
Bliksem and Rozbub are confirmed as support for Karma to Burn.

Reservations for Karma to Burn and for Baby Woodrose are online: Make a reservation.
Local band Barabbas is confirmed as support for the Baby Woodrose gig on April 11.
Photos of the Siena Root show are finally uploaded: Photos.

We just did our first confirmation for this year, next month already, Karma to Burn will play in Sojo's! Date is Saturday February 9.

We're happy to say that Baby Woodrose will play at Sojo's on April 11th!

Reservations for Siena Root and Rivercrest are online: Make a reservation.

The Red Light Rumors are added as support for the Ramesses and SardoniS gig in September.
Wheel of Smoke had to cancel their support show for Siena Root in Sojo, but their friends of Rivercrest will now open that evening.

Reservations for the Ramesses and SardoniS gig are online: Reservations.

We're pleased to announce the SardoniS 'II' album release party on September 19 in Sojo's together with British doomsters Ramesses.
Locals Wheel of Smoke will open for Siena Root at Sojo in November.

Siena Root will visit Sojo's on Saturday November 17!

Malleus made a sweet offset poster for the Atomic Bitchwax and Fatso Jetson gig: check it out.

Reservations for Fatso Jetson and the Atomic Bitchwax are online: Reservations.

We're proud to announce that Mario Lalli's Fatso Jetson is added to the Atomic Bitchwax show in Sojo's on June 21!
Our longtime friends of Ufomammut will present their new album in Magasin4 on April 26, the gig is organised by Heartbreak Tunes.

The Atomic Bitchwax will play at Sojo on June 21st.
Reservations for Lonely Kamel and Hypnos 69 are online : Reservations.

Lonely Kamel will play in Sojo's with Hypnos 69 on Friday March 23.
Sleepy Sun is added as support for Mudhoney in Het Depot on Tuesday May 29, and we'll co-organise this show with Het Depot.

Malleus made a very cool poster for the Earth concert: check it out.

Presale tickets for Earth are available at Het Depot, follow this link.
Photos of the Karma to Burn and Premonition 13 and Flying Eyes gigs are online: Photos.

In cooperation with Het Depot we're proud to announce that American drone doom band Earth will play at Het Depot on March 14.

The maximum amount of reservations for the Karma to Burn gig is reached. There might be tickets available again after 20.30h in case some reservations are not picked up.

Photos of the 14 Years Orange Factory shows and expo are finally added to the website: Photos.

Heavy psychedelic rock band The Flying Eyes are added as support for Wino's new band, Premonition 13.
You can make reservations for the Karma to Burn and Premonition 13 shows online: Reservations.

The birthday party was very nice! Thanks to all who joined in and thank you to everyone who's been supporting Orange Factory over the years!

We're happy to say that Malleus made a 4 colour silkscreen version of the 14 years Orange Factory poster in a limited edition of 103 prints! Watch the process!

Grab your chance to catch them live in a small club: Karma to Burn will play at Sojo on Friday November 18th.

Wino will visit Sojo again with his new project Premonition 13 on Sunday December 4.

We're pleased to say that two more poster artists, John Howard of Monkey Ink and Chicago's Justin Sanotora, will be at Rock Poster Exhibition in Het Depot during 14 Years Orange Factory.
Malleus made a cool poster for the event.

The American poster artist Gary Houston of Voodoo Catbox will be present at the Rock Poster Exhibition in Het Depot during 14 Years Orange Factory!

The Belgian band Temple of Nothing is confirmed as support on Friday for the 14 Years Orange Factory event.

Combi tickets and day tickets for 14 Years Orange Factory are available: Presale tickets.

14 Years Orange Factory, a 2day celebration of underground rock music and poster art with Anekdoten, Ufomammut, Monkey 3, White Hills, Morkobot and Malleus will happen on the 30th of September and the 1st of October in Het Depot in Leuven.

We're sad to announce that Farflung had to cancell their European tour due to illness. Evidently there will be no show in Sojo on May 28.

Californian space rockers Farflung will play in Sojo's on May 28. Supports are Black Rainbows and Pectop.
Reservations for Hypnos 69 and My Brother The Wind are online: Reservations.

Unfortunate circumstances prevented Hypnos 69to play at the Elekrohasch evening in Het Depot, but they’ll make up for it with a gig in Sojo’s on April 30th. Very special guest this evening is the Swedish band My Brother The Wind with Nicklas Barker of Anekdoten.

The Machine, indeed another Elektrohasch band, will open for My Sleeping Karma at Sojo.
Photos of the Elektrohasch Label Night are posted on the website: Photos.

Thanks a lot to all who came out to the Elektrohasch Label Night! It was a blast and Depot was sold out! Apologies for the Hypnos 69 cancellation, we wish their guitar player a quick recovery in the hospital. Thanks also to Sardonis for opening the evening after very short notice!
On Friday April 8th, My Sleeping Karma, another fine Elektrohasch band, will play at Sojo's, supported by locals Wheel of Smoke.

The poster for the Elektrohasch Label Night is designed by French poster artist Johan Jaccob. He will also join us with his silkscreens and offset posters at Het Depot on February 5th.

Tickets for the Elektrohasch Label Night on 5th of February, with Colour Haze, Hypnos 69, Rotor and Sungrazer in Het Depot are on sale.

Californian space rockers Farflung will do a last minute gig at This is Scorpio. This is Scorpio is an event organised by Radio Scorpio in Silo , Vaartkom 39 in Leuven on Friday October 29. Line up for the small room is Casse Brique, Homer, Wheel of Smoke and Farflung.

Photos of the Wino show are added: Photos. Thanks Zwiebie!
Cool clips are also on line, check out GigBreeder's profile for Wino and Circle songs.
Anyone interested in Ufomammut and Malleus can go and see them at Magasin4 this Saturday October 16!

Last minute gig! Siena Root will perform on October 15 at War Studio in Halen. E-mail us for more info.

On February 5th an Elektrohasch Label Night with Colour Haze, Hypnos 69, Rotor and Sungrazer will happen in Het Depot in Leuven.

Malleus made great posters for the upcoming Circle and Wino shows: Posters.
Reservations for the Wino concert are now on line: Reservations.

Yesterday's gig with Hypnos69 and Yawning Man was sold out, sorry for those who could not get in anymore.

Anyone looking for nice festivals this Summer, we can recommend the third Psych Frog Festival in Alicante (Spain) the last weekend of July and the Yellowstock festival in Geel mid of August.

Photos of Ufomammut and Reservations for Circle are online.

Robert Scott Weinrich, better known as Wino (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, Shrinebuilder) will do a solo tour, and he'll visit Sojo's on Sunday October 10th!

None other than Finnish hypnotic kraut rockers Circle will play in Sojo's on Sunday September 19!

The photopage is (finally) updated: check for photos of Karma to Burn, Brant Bjork and 12 years Orange Factory: Photos.

Reservations for Ufomammut and Yawning Man / Hypnos 69 are on line: Reservations.

We're happy to announce that Ufomammut will play in Sojo's on Thursday May 20th, the band will release their superb new album 'Eve' early May. Of course also the art rock lab Malleus will be present this evening.

Yawning Man, featuring Mario Lalli and Alfredo Hernandez, is touring Europe in June and they will come to Sojo's on Saturday June 19 as special guest at the Hypnos 69 CD release party.

There will be a Malleus poster sale at the Mono gig in Het Depot, Mono asked Malleus for a silkscreened tourposter and Malleus also did a silkscreen version of the poster for the gig in Leuven.
There will be a one-day exhibition in Vooruit on Saturday March 27, the day of the Brant Bjork show. And there is also a great silkscreen version of the poster for this show. Check out the silkscreens: Malleus!

The gig of Brant Bjork in Gent is moved from Minnemeers to Vooruit! Sadly since this week concerts are not allowed anymore in Minnemeers. More info on the Democrazy website.

Another awesome Malleus design for the Mono gig: Posters

Malleus made a great poster for the Brant Bjork gig in Gent: Posters

Year Long Disaster will support Karma to Burn on April 10th, the Belgian duo SardoniS will open this evening in Het Depot with a special CD release party.
And, a bit late, but we wish everyone a very rocking 2010 with a lot of great live gigs!

There will be a Malleus poster expo at Minnemeers in Gent, starting on the evening of the Brant Bjork show and ending April 9th, by courtesy of Democrazy vzw.

Karma to Burn will tour Europe in April, and they'll be in Het Depot on Saturday 10th.
The Japanese band Mono will play in Het Depot in Leuven on March 22, both shows are collaborations with Het Depot.

Brant Bjork and his Bros will play in Minnemeers in Ghent on Saturday March 27. Support is My Sleeping Karma. The show is a collaboration with Democrazy vzw.

Some photos of the gigs this year are added to the Photo page: Photos.

Malleus made a poster for the 12 years Orange Factory event: Posters.
The The Blanchwood Spacefolk, a young band from Leuven will support Monkey3 in Sojo's.

We're pleased to announce that the legendary seventies hard rock band Leaf Hound will perform at the 12 years Orange Factory event on Saturday November 21st.

Highway Child, a kick ass live band from Denmark and a recent addition to the Elektrohasch Records roster, will play at the 12 years Orange Factory event in Het Depot.

Sadly, also Dozer had to cancell their European tourdates and therefore they will not play at 12 years Orange Factory. We'll try to announce the complete line up as soon as possible.
The Malleus evening in Antwerp has also been cancelled. But you can meet the Malleus guys and see their nifty posters at Bar Del Sol in Leuven on September 21.

Unfortunately, Nebula has cancelled the complete European tour! No Nebula gig on October 9 in Leuven, but we will do a Psychedelic / Stoner / 70s Rock Party and gig with Our Wheel of Smoke in Sojo's on October 9th. Free entrance!
Reservations for Monkey3 are on line: Reservations.

Malleus made two marvellous posters for the Nebula and Monkey3 concerts in Sojo's: Posters. Catch the Malleus art collective live at their Belgian dates in Leuven and Antwerp!
Tickets for 12 years Orange Factory with Colour Haze, Dozer and Siena Root are on sale: Presale.

In September Malleus will go to the poster fairs Z Stock in Tilburg and Flatstock 23 in Hamburg and in between they join us with their presence! Monday September 21st is the opening of a little Malleus expo in Bar Del Sol in Leuven. On Tuesday September 22nd, Malleus will be in Bar Mondial in Antwerp.

Sadly, Viaje A 800 had to cancell their upcoming tour.
On October the 23rd Cabrón from Leuven will support Monkey3 in Sojo's.
Reservations for Hypnos 69 and Øresund Space Collective and for Nebula are on line: Reservations.

On November 21 we celebrate 12 years Orange Factory at Het Depot in Leuven with Colour Haze, Dozer, Siena Root and one band to be announced.

Photos of the Karma to Burn and Sardonis gig are on line: Photos.

The Spanish band Viaje a 800 will support Nebula in Sojo's. The locals of Wheel of Smoke will open the evening on October 9th.

We have reached the maxium amount of reservations for the Karma to Burn gig; reservations that are not collected before 8.30 PM will be made available again at the box office.

Malleus made an awesome slikscreen poster for the Karma to Burn gig in Sojo: Posters! There will be Malleus posters for sale as well in Sojo's on July 9th.
Monkey3 will play at Sojo's on Friday October 23!
And Hypnos 69 is added to the Øresund Space Collective gig on Friday September 18 .

Nebula will play at Sojo's on Friday October 9!

On Friday September 18, Øresund Space Collective will visit Sojo's for a psychedelic evening!

The Belgian band SardoniS will support Karma to Burn in Sojo's.

Reservations for the Karma to Burn show are online.

Karma to Burn will play in Sojo's on Thursday July 9! The band will also appear on the Graspop festival on Sunday June 28.

The American cult band Karma to Burn has reformed and will start their European tour with a performance on the Duna Jam happening in Italy. We'll post the Belgian Karma to Burn date as soon as possible.

A Malleus exhibition is happening in Gallery De Stripkever in Mechelen from April 28 to May 27. Malleus also made a poster for the Farflung and White Hills gig: Posters.

Vic Du Monte and The Atomic Bitchwax are in Europe this spring. Vic Du Monte plays Bar Mondial on March 19th and The Atomic Bitchwax will do a show in Evergem, close to Gent, on April 3th.

Two young rock bands from Leuven will be support act for the upcoming shows. Mammoeten op Kousevoeten
opens for Hypnos 69 and Massis (ex-Scarlett) will warm us up before White Hills and Farflung take over.
Reservations for the upcoming shows are online.

First shows for 2009 are confirmed. Farflung and White Hills will tour Europe to play at the Roadburn Festival and they play Sojo's on Wednesday April 29!
Locals Hypnos 69 are preparing a new full album and they will do a try out show February 20th in Sojo's.

The Roadburn Festival 2009 was sold out in an incredible 45 minutes.

The line up of the Roadburn Festival 2009 in 013 in Tilburg is almost complete. Presale starts Saturday December 13 at 10 AM. Be quick if you want to be sure to get in. Orange Factory recommended!

Malleus made a fantastic silkscreen poster for the Ufomammut - Lento tour: Concerts. Also American poster artist Alan Forbes made a silkscreen poster for the concert in Kompas in Sint-Niklaas: UFOMAMMUT.

Photos of Motorpsycho and 11 Years Orange Factory are on line: Photos.

The 11 Years Orange Factory Party was a total blast! The venue was completely sold out and it was an utterly fantastic evening! Thanks a lot to everyone who made this happen: the bands, Het Depot, all volunteers and YOU, the wonderful audience! Sorry for those who could not get in anymore. See you next time! Keep on rocking!

For those looking for a hotel room in Leuven, here are some tips: Hotels.

Malleus made a silkscreen version of the Motorpsycho poster: Posters.
The Malleus exhibition at Het Depot will run from October 18 to November 6th, and can be viewed on the evenings of the concerts at Het Depot. There are also dates when you can enter the expo for free: October 22 and November 4. Posters will be for sale on these dates: October 18 (from 20.00h), October 22 (from 16.00 to 19.00), October 25 (from 18.00), November 4 (from 16.00) & November 6 (from 20.00h).

Dead Man from Sweden will support Siena Root in Sojo.

Malleus did another impressive poster for the Motorpsycho gig: Posters. Catch the Malleus Exhibition at Het Depot from October 18th to November 6th.

Dozer will be back in Belgium, they play at La Zone on Friday December 5. Brainpolice is tour support.

After their amazing performance, closing the hippie festival Burg Herzberg, we had to do them again, and Siena Root will be in Leuven soon! They will perform in Sojo's on Wednesday September 17.

We are extremely pleased to announce the Motorpsycho gig in Het Depot on October 18.
Also check out the poster that Malleus made for the 11 years Orange Factory event with Brant Bjork and the Bros, Los Natas, Hypnos 69 and My Sleeping Karma: Posters.

OJC Kompas will do a gig with the mighty Ufomammut on November 29. Lento is support act and Malleus is of course coming along. Gig is supported by Orange Factory.

The youngsters of Yellow Stock organise a gig with Colour Haze in De Bogaard (Geel) on Saturday, November 22, supported by Orange Factory.

Photos of Anekdoten are on line: Photos.

Photos of Witchcraft and Gentlemans Pistols are on line: Photos.

We are now taking reservations for Baby Woodrose on 29th August: HERE

Just confirmed, Baby Woodrose will play in Sojo (Leuven) on Friday, August 29!


  • We are now taking reservations for The Atomic Bitchwax on 6th July: HERE
  • Pre-sale tickets for 11 Years Orange Factory are available at these locations

    Reviews of Blue Cheer (+ Rivercrest) and Year Long Disaster (+ Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra, Scarlett) are online.

    Just confirmed, The Atomic Bitchwax will play in Den Hemel (Zichem) on Sunday, July 06!


  • Go to Scorpio Buffet (at Slow Food, Leuven)
  • Go to Scorpio EBay (New items regularly!)
  • Buy a T-Shirt

    Photos of Blue Cheer and Rivercrest are on line: Photos.

    Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata, featuring ex Kyuss members Alfredo Hernandez and Chris Cockrell, will be touring Europe in May and a last minute show in Belgium is added to the tour. t Scharnier in Oudenburg will host the band on Saturday May 17th.

    Rob Oswald of Karma to Burn will be hitting the drums for Year Long Disaster!

    Reservations for Witchcraft and Anekdoten are on line: Reservations.

    New shows confirmed in Sojo: Witchcraft, Danava and Gentlemans Pistols May 3rd, and May 10th Anekdoten from Sweden.

    Malleus made posters for the upcoming gigs: Posters.

    We are very pleased to announce that Blue Cheer (yes, really, the 60's band!) will play Sojo's on April 6th! Don't forget to make a reservation!
    A week later, Year Long Disaster and Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra, will visit Sojo's.

    Photos of Orange Goblin and Dozer are on line at last: Photos.

    The Weekend and Combi tickets for the 13TH ROADBURN FESTIVAL are sold out! CAMPSITE tickets are available via e-mail.

    Presales for the 13TH ROADBURN FESTIVAL are going very strong. Don't wait to order your tickets at 013 or Ticketservice.
    Orange Factory has only tickets for Thursday and Sunday (Current 93) left: Info tickets.

    Photos of Buzzfest, Los Natas, Dozer, Morkobot, The Spores and Nancy Puyn's Photo exhibition are on line: Photos.

    Photos of Siena Root gig at the Orange Factory party are finally on line: Photos.

    New gig added! Rich Mullins, bassplayer in Karma to Burn, will play with his new band YEARLONG DISASTER at Den Hemel on Friday November 30th!

    Photos of the Orange Factory Party, part one, are online: Photos. Thanks to Nancy Puyn.

    It was an awesome birthday weekend, thanks everyone!
    Next up is Morkobot in La Zone next Friday. It's also opening of the Nancy Puyn photo expo. Expo until end of October in La Zone. Next week Dozer and Los Natas will play in Antwerp. Check the radio show for free tickets!

    This weekend 10 years Orange Factory party! Two days and four bands, Malleus expo and psychedelic lights by Shine A Light in our favourite venue Sojo. And our favourite poster artists, Malleus, made a beautiful silkscreened version of the poster.

    One month to go before we have our birthday bash and perfect timing for a new web layout!
    This Friday August 31, a MALLEUS Poster Sale will take place in 4AD in Diksmuide, starting at 9PM.

    Malleus did another great poster for 10 years Orange Factory: 'Posters'.
    Prepare for the Orange Factory party on Friday September 28 and Saturday 29, with live gigs, a MALLEUS expo, psychedelic light show, small expo 10 years concert posters and photos and party with Orange Factory DJs. Entrance: 6 euro or 10 euro for 2 days. For those looking for a place to sleep in Leuven: hotels.

    Orange Factory celebrates it's 10th birthday in Sojo on Friday September 28. First evening Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra and Hypnos 69 will play, on Saturday September 29, Siena Root hits the stage.
    The Italian band Morkobot will tour to promote their album 'Mostro' (out on Supernatural Cat). They play in La Zone (Liege) on Saturday October 5th.
    And prepare for the Los Natas, Dozer and Brain Police gig in Trix in Antwerp on October 10th.

    New photos on line: Photos. Thanks to Nancy Puyn and Margot Kumeling!

    Brant Bjork and the Bros will support Wolfmother at their sold out gig in AB in Brussels on Wednesday May 30.

    Live line up of Ten East features Gary Arce (Yawning Man, Sort Of Quartet), Greg Ginn (Black Flag), Bill Stinson (CD6) and Steve Houtmeyers (Hypnos 69).
    Our Wheel of Smoke will support Ten East at Sojo's on Saturday June 9.

    Photos of Brant Bjork solo and Blood of the Sun and Glow are on line: Photos

    Ten East , featuring Gary Arce (Yawning Man, Sort of Quartet) and Greg Ginn (Black Flag) will play at Sojo's on Saturday June 9th (and not June 8 like mentioned before). The gig of Orange Goblin and Astrosoniq has been moved to Saturday September 15.

    Sad news, the Pawnshop vocalist is ill and the band will not be able to do the European tour! Spanish doom band Glow will replace Pawnshop and join Blood of the Sun for this tour. Boths bands play Sojo's on Thursday April 5.

    This Summer MALLEUS exhibition at 4AD in Diksmuide. New Malleus posters for Orange Factory:

    MALLEUS poster sale at AB, Brussel at the Melvins, Big Business, Porn gig on April 17. Also an underground book sale; Neurosis pre listening of the new album and Room with a View, documentary about Earth.

    Brant Bjork will play an exclusive SOLO gig at Sojo's on Friday March 30. In May Brant Bjork and the Bros will tour Europe, on Saturday May 12th they play Trix in Antwerp.

    Just confrimed: Orange Goblin and Astrosoniq are touring in September and the Belgian gig will be on September 14th in Lintfabriek in Kontich.

    New shows confirmed! Pawnshop and Blood of the Sun will play at Sojo's on Thursday April 5th and Solace and Doomraiser will play there on Sunday May 20th. Thanks to Sojo, who asked Orange Factory to put up more shows again.
    Dozer will do an exclusive Belgian gig at Rock Wauberg on July 28.

    12TH ROADBURN FESTIVAL is completely SOLD OUT!

    Be quick to buy your ticket for Friday for the 12TH ROADBURN FESTIVAL before it's completely sold out! Get tickets via Roadburn or Ticketmaster.

    Photos from the Monkey3 and Colour Haze gig are on line: Photos and also a review of the gig: Review (in French).
    Orange Factory wishes all of you an awesome 2007 with lots of music and lots of rad live concerts!

    Both COLOUR HAZE and MONKEY 3 played an amazing set at Sojo earlier this month and you can watch both bands in action in Tilburg next year. MONKEY 3 is added to the line up of the 12TH ROADBURN FESTIVAL!

    Beautiful photos of the awesome Siena Root gig are on line: Photos

    Presales for the 12TH ROADBURN FESTIVAL are going very strong!! Orange Factory has ONLY tickets left for Friday. Last tickets for Saturday and Two days tickets are for sale via 013 or Roadburn.

    is touring Europe next year and they'll do a gig in Belgium. On Friday May 11th, The Hidden Hand plays in Lintfabriek in Kontich, a gig in in cooperation with Heartbreak Tunes.

    Tickets for the 12TH ROADBURN FESTIVAL are for sale in Belgium at the Siena Root and Colour Haze gigs in Sojo, at Orange Factory in Leuven, at Bilbo in Antwerp and Gigaswing in Hasselt. Be quick and don't miss this awesome line up!

    Buzzville Records holds its 2nd rock 'n roll & stonerrock festival, Buzzfest, this weekend. Check out Dozer and Generous Maria amongst others.

    Photos of the On Trial gig in Den Hemel are on line: Photos. Malleus made some very fine posters for the coming gigs: Posters.

    Bad news, HYPNOS 69 has split up because of problems within the band. It's unclear whether the band will remain active. CD release party in Het Depot and all future gigs have been cancelled.
    Good news, MONKEY 3 will do a gig in Sojo's on December 9, when COLOUR HAZE will play as well. This will be a CD release party for the new Monkey 3 album, released in November on Buzzville.

    The legendary BLUE CHEER are doing a one-show in Europe at the 12th ROADBURN FESTIVAL 2007 in 013. Also Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Sun Dial, Causa Sui, Orange Sunshine, Orthodox, The Hidden Hand, Rotor, Volt, Siena Root, Stinking Lizaveta & Colour Haze are added to the bill. NEUROSIS was already announced and there's more to come!

    Prepare for the 12th ROADBURN FESTIVAL in 013, Tilburg, Holland on Friday April 20th and Saturday April 21st 2007! NEUROSIS has been confirmed as the headliner. The band will be doing a one-off European show on April 21st. Orange Factory will again fully support Roadburn's heavy rock mayhem. Keep checking Roadburn for updates.

    Two gigs planned in Sojo's, Thursday November 16 lovely bluesy psychedelic rock band SIENA ROOT and Saturday December 9th, COLOUR HAZE, who just released a brand new album.
    For those who wonder: Live gigs can still happen at Sojo's, but only a restricted amount per year. Orange Factory can do a few concerts there every year.

    HYPNOS 69 will enter the studio soon to record thier 4th full lenght, 'The Eclectic Measure'. CD release Party takes place on Friday October 27th in Het Depot in Leuven. More Hypnos gigs: 'Bands'.

    On Trail comes to Belgium, on September 8 they play at Den Hemel in Zichem.

    New gigs: Sheavy, Sabbath like doom, in Negasonic in Aalst and Ufomammut and Malleus exhibition in La Zone in Liège on September 30th. And now for something completely different: Kackala, a capella female band in Paradox on June 28.

    The Bros did a very rad concert in Het Depot, a superb sound and almost 3 hours of pure joy! Check out the photos.

    We'd like to invite you all for the opening of the MALLEUS exhibition 'SILKSCREAM' in Luchtbal in Antwerp, on Friday May 12 from 20 to 23.59h. This is the most complete Malleus exhibition until now, with several paintings, original sketches and Malleus projections. Expo ends on June 11th. Thursday May 11th, interview with Malleus during Mekka on Studio Brussel.

    Ufomammut will play at Roadburn April 22nd, and also in Lintfabriek on Sunday April 23, with Boris en Knut. Organisation: Heartbreaktunes.
    Gas Giant has cancelled their mini tour! No show in Den Drempel on April 14!

    Belgian band Hulk is confirmed as support for Brant Bjork & The Bros at Het Depot on Saturday May 6th.

    During the Roadburn Festival in 013 on April 22nd, the Batcave will be "The Orange Factory"! For all info about the festival go to the Roadburn webzine. Capricorns will not play at the festival, Witchcraft will come in stead. Tickets for sale via Orange Factory: Reservations

    Photos of The Atomic Bitchwax and The Murdocks in Sojo and photos of the Malleus Expo in Leuven are on line: Photos

    The Brant Bjork & The Bros gig will be postponed to Satuurday May 6th! Rotor will play on Thursday April 6th in Den Hemel, the first date of their tour with Hypnos 69.

    Leadfoot will not tour with The Atomic Bitchwax. Atomic Bitchwax and Murdocks will play Sojo's on February 25.

    Reservations can be made for the The Atomic bitchwax and Leadfoot gig and for the Brant Bjork & The Bros and Rotor gig.

    Line up of the ROADBURN festival is complete! On April 22nd, 013 will locate the coolest stoner, space and doom festival in this universe! There will be an Orange Factory Stage (!) in Batcave with Colour Haze, Ufomammut, The Heads, Orange Sunshine and Abramis Brama. Other bands playing in Green Room and the big room, will be Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, Orange Goblin, Brant Bjork & The Bros, Leafhound, Bevis Frond, Solace, Gorilla, Capricorns, Spacehead and Trancient Dreams.
    On Friday April 21st 013 will host a Pre Party with Astrosoniq, End of Level Boss, Toner Low and Spaceship Landing. More info about the Roadburn festival.

    YAWNING MAN + VIC DU MONTE'S PERSONA NON GRATA (us) are touring Europe together, on Thursday March 2nd they'll play in 'Zoo' in Hasselt, it'll be a sort of desert session, support will be WAXY(us), also a band from the Californian desert.
    Danish rockers GAS GIANT will do a mini tour in April, go and see them on Friday April 14 in Den Drempel in Antwerpen.

    Photos and review of Hypnos 69 in a full Paradox last week: Photo's - Review Cheers Margot and François!

    THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX returns to Europe, they will tour with American rockers LEADFOOT. The gigs will take place in Sojo's on February 25th. Support are THE MURDOCKS from Leuven. Orange Factory will be able to use Sojo about three times a year.

    Dozer live review: Reviews

    Photos of DOZER are on the website, and here's Guy's review of the DEAD MEADOW & BLACK MOUNTAIN gig: Reviews.

    Orange Factory is happy to be able to use Paradox in Leuven for concerts; local owners are pretty fond of the stoner evenings and they are eager to invite Belgian's own acidrock band Hypnos 69. And that will happen before the end of this year, on Thursday December 22nd, HYPNOS 69 will play at Paradox. Free entrance.

    Reviews of Monkey 3 and Cruising on Majik Carpets are on line: Reviews.

    Photos of Ufomammut, Monkey3 and Cruising on Majik Carpets are on the photo page: Photos.

    Photos of Acid King, Hypnos69, Los Natas and Cabron are on the photo page: Photos, and reviews (in French) are on line as well: Reviews.

    Next week a rare concert at Sojo's and because it's Orange Factory's 8th birthday, there will be some free beer! UFOMAMMUT will start on time and do two sets because support band MIRSIE can not make it on tour. Afterwards there's time to enjoy the Malleus exposition and some fine tunes by DJ's Walter (ROADBURN) & Cosmicmasseur. Make a reservation
    On Thursday November 3rd Paradox will host a cosy MALLEUS evening with an exposition, VJ & DJ's (free entrance).

    Orange Factory will promote the BLACK MOUNTAIN and DEAD MEADOW gig in a new concerthall in Leuven, icw HeartbreakTunes on November 29 (gig is recently moved from MOD in Hasselt to Het Depot in Leuven).

    Live review of the Colour Haze, Josiah and Titty Twister gig is on line: Reviews. Reservations for Dozer (Make a reservation) and Monkey 3 (Make a reservation) can be made.

    Orange Factory will do promotion in Belgium for Los Natas, Ufomammut and Hypnos 69: Bands.

    Reservations for UFOMAMMUT are on line: Make a reservation.
    New Malleus posters for Orange Factory: Posters.

    DOZER 's new CD will be out soon en they'll play at Paradox in Leuven on Friday December 9th.

    After a break, new shows for autumn are scheduled. Orange Factory will be focusing more on bookings and promotion of concerts and bands. All gigs are in cooperation with the venues. Concerts
    Sojo will remain active as a youth club, but they will only host a limited amount of concerts per year. Gigs will have an early start.

    Orange Factory has been asked to collaborate with ROADBURN to put up the 11th Roadburn Festival, on Saturday the 22nd of April 2006 at 013, Tilburg, Holland. The Roadburn Festival is Europe's foremost underground event for stonerrock and beyond -three rooms of stoner, doom & space rock mayhem. In addition to this years much acclaimed 10th anniversary edition, the 013 will host a special Roadburn pre party at Friday, April 21st, 2006.

    Review of the YAWNING MAN and MAJESTIC SCENE gig in Den Hemel is on line: Reviews-Interviews

    Orange Factory will take a little break. For the moment no stoner sessions are planned. Those who like their share of "stoner" this summer, can find a few recommendations here.
    Photos of THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX and THE KILLBOTS and also YAWNING MAN and MAJESTIC SCENE are on line: Photos.

    YAWNING MAN, one on the first desert rock bands, known for their “generator parties” in the Californian desert and a big inspiration for the guys in Kyuss. They play at Den Hemel this Saturday June 18 and you better not miss this if you're in for hypnotizing desert sounds. Doors open at 8PM.

    A review of THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX and THE KILLBOTS gig in Tijl can be found here: Reviews-Interviews

    Their gig in Sojo's last year was fenomenal, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX is a 100% bulletproof live experience, a classic power trio combining the versatility of Cream with Mountain’s crushing power and the manic energy of the best hard rock out there. If you are in for this, then come and check 'em out at Tijl in Diest on Friday May 20th (Driving directions). And the perfect support would be THE KILLBOTS, Limburg's own retro rock band.

    Photos and live reviews of the ED MUNDELL and BRANT BJORK & THE BROS gigs are on line: Photos; Reviews-Interviews. Thanks to the Orange Factory photographer and reviewer and their temporary replacements.

    After a beautifull end of the stoner sessions in Sojo's with a great jamsession between Ed Mundell and Hypnos 69, we continue with another highlight, BRANT BJORK & THE BROS in the cosy club Den Hemel. Those who have seen the Bros in a small venue with great sound, know that's when they reach their peak... Prepare for a long desert trip, groovy, hot and full of soul!

    Steven Marx and Steve Houtmeyers, saxplayer and guitarist from Belgium's HYPNOS 69 are invited by Ed Mundell to join him on stage this Saturday. And their mutual love for '70s bands, might raise expectations...

    ED MUNDELL, MONSTER MAGNET’s lead guitar player will play a solo gig in Sojo's this Saturday April 16th, doing unexpected versions of old Monster Magnet songs, personal work and cover songs. Last week, he personally spiced up the Space Ritual performance at the Roadburn festival in the main hall of 013 and this week he’ll show his passion for the guitar at an intimite show in Sojo. A last stoner session at this lovely venue, maybe not as loud as before, but it’ll kick ass anyway… Expect guestmusicians, a psychedelic paintings expo and DJ Cosmicmasseur.

    Orange Factory strongly supports the ROADBURN festival on Saturday April 9 in 013! An excellent line up in one of the nicest live venues in Europe, done by the coolest "stoner" website around, this 10th Roadburn festival will be the stoner event of the year with a gathering of like minded music lovers from around the world. Don't miss this!

    No more heavy shows in Sojo's, but there will be a last stoner session, on Saturday April 16. ED MUNDELL, Monster Magnet's lead guitarist, will do a solo acoustic gig. Expect new versions of (old) Monster Magnet songs, personal work and cover songs.
    And of course, like always, DJ Comic Masseur, Malleus posters and for the first time a psychedelic paintings exposition...

    Due to the unfortunate evolutions in Sojo's, all gigs are moved. BRANT BJORK & THE BROS and VIC's IDIOT PRAYER will play in DEN HEMEL in Scherpenheuvel-Zichem, and also YAWNING MAN and MAJESTIC SCENE.
    More the east, sorry for those who have to cover more distance. We hope you can still make it...

    Very bad news: there will be no more live (heavy) rock gigs in SOJO's! Youthclub Sojo is obliged by government law to limit the concerts to a sound level that makes the stoner sessions impossible. All the upcoming gigs will be relocated to other venues. More news ASAP!

    Orange Factory strongly supports the ROADBURN festival on April 9 in 013! An excellent line up in one of the nicest live venues in Europe, done by the coolest "stoner" website around, this 10th Roadburn festival will be the stoner event of the year with a gathering of like minded music lovers from around the world. Don't miss this!

    Photos of the show with ON TRIAL and HULK are on line: Photos.

    The HULK and ON TRIAL live review is on line: Reviews-Interviews.

    The gig of THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX at Sojo's will be on Friday May 20th, in stead of May 13th. Support are THE KILLBOTS.
    On Saturday June 18 (date TBC), YAWNING MAN, with Alfredo Hernandez and Mario Lalli, will play at Sojo's. Support is MAJESTIC SCENE from Tilburg.

    BRANT BJORK & THE BROS have recorded an album together and in April they'll be in Europe to support it. And remembering the previous gigs, Sojo has become a must stop, don't miss Brant Bjork & The Bros on Wednesday April 20th!
    Support is VIC's IDIOT PRAYER , band with Chris Cockrell a.k.a. Vic du Monte, first bass player and co-founder of Kyuss!

    THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX is working on a new full CD and in May a European tour will follow, on May 13 they visit Sojo's.

    Photos of the gig of HYPNOS 69 and DEXTER JONES CIRCUS ORCHESTRA are on line: Photos.

    Orange Factory and the "stoner" sessions can not happen without Sojo; to support them, we'll participate at the Sojo Party's in March. On Saturday March 5th, we'll do a unique reunion concert of the legendary Louvain band TRIPTYCH. They have made excellent psychedelic rock music in the previous century and now you'll be able to see them once again! Other bands that evening are ADDACTIONLISTENER(THIS), TITTY TWISTER, sludge by SHADOW GATE and the jamcombo RIVERCREST. This is a collaboration with FUNTIME RECORDS.

    A new review by Guy Peeters about the Hypnos 69 and Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra gig is on line: Reviews-Interviews

    This years' opening concert will be the mindblowing double bill on Saturday January 15 at Sojo with HYPNOS 69 and DEXTER JONES CIRCUS ORCHESTRA: "invite your friends and celebrate the wonder and mystery of rock ‘n’ roll!"
    Interview with the Circus Orchestra on Concrete Web

    Unfortunately Men of PORN's European tour is postponed! Therefore they will not play at Sojo's on February 19th 2005.
    HULK however will still play and also Danish psychedelic rockers ON TRIAL will come to Belgium for an exclusive gig!
    On Trial brings "a potent mixture of heavy fuzz guitar, harmonies and psychedelic keyboard textures that evoke the spirit of classic US '60's acid psych"! Kube play excellent highvoltage rock 'n roll (feat. members of La Muerte and Knife Clatter). They'll release a new album soon, with guest appearance of Chris Goss, Brant Bjork, Jesse Hughes, Dave Catching and Mathias Schneeberger!
    Concert in cooperation with Depot vzw as part of Kulturama 2005.

    Men of PORN featering MELVINS' drummer Dale Crover, Billy Anderson (musician/producer of Orange Goblin, Mr. Bungle, Neurosis,Fantomas, Cathedral, Los Natas...) and Tim Moss, will play at Sojo's on Saturday February 19. Support will be HULK, highvoltage rock 'n roll from Brussels, (ex La Muerte, Knife Clatter) and with new album coming up, with guest appearance by Chris Goss, Brant Bjork, Jesse Hughes, Dave Catching and Mathias Schneeberger.
    This show is a cooperation with Depot vzw and part of 'Kulturama 2005'.

    Not only DEXTER JONES CIRCUS ORCHESTRA will kick ass in Sojo's on Saturday January 15; the evening will be finished off with a set from HYPNOS 69 , Belgium's finest.

    Swedish ensemble DEXTER JONES CIRCUS ORCHESTRA, will play at Sojo's on Saturday January 15. The band has an excellent debut album out and will play a showcase at Eurosonic in Holland. The day after, they're supposed to keep up with their live reputation, for the first time in Belgium and 'celebrating the wonder and mysteries of rock & roll'.
    "Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra’s mix of blues, stoner, 70’s rock, folk and psychedelia is very creative and their songwriting skills are definitely way above average..." "...Singer Tia Marklund is never off-key and his top-notch vocals are warm, soothing, passionate, fresh and melodic, just as the music in general… " (From review on ConcreteWeb.be)

    Review and photos of the gig of LOS NATAS and COLOUR HAZE are on line: Reviews-Interviews; Photos.

    Sign in for the Orange Factory Mailing List if you want to know about shows in 2005: Mailing.
    The interview that Guy did with Victor Griffin of PLACE OF SKULLS in Sojo's is on line: Reviews-Interviews.
    Check soon for new pictures by Nancy Puyn of the last stoner session this year with LOS NATAS en COLOUR HAZE, which ended (once more) in very nice jam by the fellow musicians.

    Make sure to check out the beautifull photos of Place of Skulls and Alix, made by Nancy Puyn: Photos.

    Review of PLACE OF SKULLS and ALIX is posted on the site, as well as photos from Nancy Puyn of the show with UFOMAMMUT and MALLEUS. Reviews; Photos.

    Last minute booking! Instrumental stoner space rock sensation MONKEY 3 will be in Belgium soon! Because Orange Factory could not do a last minute gig, we've asked Den Hemel and Hypnos 69 to add Monkey 3 to the line up of next Saturday's show. Don't miss it: SATURDAY OCTOBER 9: HYPNOS 69 en MONKEY 3 in DEN HEMEL, Hoornblaas 107, Scherpenheuvel-Zichem (10 kms from Diest), Belgium. Support band The art of not being starts at 9PM.

    Photos of the gigs with Orquesta del Desierto, Brant Bjork & The Bros, Nick Oliveri and Hypnos 69 are on line: Photos.

    Italian stoner rockers ALIX will tour with PLACE OF SKULLS, Saturday October 16 in Sojo's.
    Review of the ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTOo concert and interview with Dandy Brown (Orquesta del Desierto, Hermano) are on line. Reviews-Interviews.

    PLACE OF SKULLS, band of ex Pentgram guitarist Victor Griffin will play at Sojo's on Saturday October 16th.
    KUBE from Brussels will support UFOMAMMUT on Friday September 24th at Sojo. This whole evening you can also enjoy the beautifull MALLEUS Poster Art Expo.

    Review of the Orange Factory Fest is on line and also an interview with WINO after his show with in Sojo's: Reviews-Interviews.

    Photos and the review of the show with and ALIX in Sojo's are on line. Photos; Reviews-Interviews

    Argentinians LOS NATAS will tour Europa this autumn with COLOUR HAZE. On November 5th the bands will play in Sojo's.
    On Concrete Web you can read an interview with Michael Peffer, drummer for Brant Bjork and Biblical Proof of UFO's and you'll read why the Bros are so keen to play in Belgium.

    MALLEUS Expo at the Orange Factory Fest! Malleus will be present with their psychedelic poster art, take a look at the new poster for this gig "Posters".

    On Friday July 16th the Orange Factory fest will take place in Glabbeek; HYPNOS 69 opens the evening and headliner will be BRANT BJORK and The Bros! Contrary to previous announcements, there will be no second internationale band. Mondo Generator, because we were talking about them, is not allowed to play in Glabeek, because the Pukkelpop festival wants the only show in Flanders. NICK OLIVERI will however come to the Orange Factory Fest and perform acousticly. Be prepared for the coolest indoor party this summer with the best American stoner (desert) rock band and the best Belgian psychedelic rock band of the moment! Don't miss them this time;-)

    On line are the photos and reviews of MASTODON, MR MAMA, ORANGE GOBLIN, GRAND MAGUS and WITCHCRAFT; also interviews with the last mentioned bands: Photos; Reviews-Interviews.

    Photos and review of THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX and BLACK NASA are on line, also an interview with Chris Kosnik, bassist/singer for both bands. Check out Fotopagina; Besprekingen-Interviews
    The gig of MASTODON and MR MAMA on Friday June 11 is sold out. Non collected reservations will be made available at 8.30PM.

    Photos of the 10 years HYPNOS 69 party are on line: Photos. Interviews done in Sojo's with BRANT BJORK, NICK OLIVERI en Lorenzo WOODROSE are on the Reviews-Interviews page.
    On Friday July 16 the first Orange Factory Summer Fest will take place in De Bunker in Glabbeek (15kms from Leuven). There will be two international bands, which we may not yet announce. HYPNOS 69, who will release their third full CD around that time, will kick off the evening.

    The BRANT BJORK and The Bros concert was fuckin' FANTASTIC, like many told us that evening. Check out Photos and Reviews. Cheers to all who made this happen!

    The gig of BRANT BJORK and The Bros and NICK OLIVERI on Thursday April 29 is sold out. Nick Oliveri will start at 8PM and Brant Bjork and The Bros hit the stage at 9PM. Non collected reservations will be made available at 8.30PM.

    Photos of the show with BABY WOODROSE and BUCKANEER are on the Photo page, you can find the review on this page Reviews. Cheers everyone for another great evening!

    UFOMAMMUT and the MALLEUS Exposition will be in Sojo's on Friday September 24th!
    MR MAMA will support MASTODON on June 11th.

    Orange Factory goes (very) heavy! MASTODON plays in Sojo's on Friday June 11th.
    UFOMAMMUT will visit Sojo's in September, together with a MALLEUS exposition, which includes the Orange Factory series!

    On Wednsday July 7th, , the band of the mighty Scott 'Wino' Weinrich, returns to Sojo's!
    ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO, the desert orquestra with amongst others Pete Stahl, Mario Lalli, Steve 'Dandy' Brown and Adam Maples, will be in Sojo's on Wednesday August 18th, don't miss this perfect summer show!
    Photos of Gas Giant and Cabron are on line. Photo's.

    He's here again to rock your soul! BRANT BJORK and The Bros will play at Sojo's on Thursday April 29th. Support is Brant's friend, NICK OLIVERI, doing an acoustic set!


    BLACK NASA will definitly tour with THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX. On June 5th they'll be in Sojo's.
    HYPNOS 69 has almost completed the line up of their 10 year anniversary party. Beside German friends COLOUR HAZE, they addressed local soulmates and friends; CABRON, MR MAMA and TITTY TWISTER will play in Sojo's on May 8th. One more band might join in. And of course Hypnos 69 will also play on this party.


    ORANGE GOBLIN, GRAND MAGUS and WITCHCRAFT will play at Sojo's on Wednesday June 16th.
    On Saturday June 5th, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX and probably BLACK NASA will come to Sojo's.
    Photos from ON TRIAL and CARLOS are at the fotopage, there are also more pictures added of the last Dozer and Nebula show. Cheers Swibi!


    BABY WOODROSE will hit the stage in Sojo's on Saturday April 17th, support will be the Belgian band BUCKANEER.
    More to look forward to: BRANT BJORK and The Bros, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX and BLACK NASA will be back at Sojo's this spring. Atomic Bitchwax will tour without Mundell. In stead Finn from the New Jersey band Core will play the guitar, aiming to let you forget about Ed…


    CABRON will support GAS GIANT on Friday March 26th in Sojo.


    GAS GIANT will take over the stage in Sojo's on Friday March 26th.
    Prepare for a big party on Saturday May 8th in Sojo's, because HYPNOS 69 has a '10 year' birthdayparty! The band invites everyone on a free music festival, German friends COLOUR HAZE will also play at the party.
    More concerts to be announced soon...


    Photo's from the gigs with Brant Bjork, Los Natas, Dozer, Nebula, Winnebago Deal and from the Orange Factory party are on line.Photo's!


    BABY WOODROSE will probably play on in Sojo's on Saturday April 17th.
    Jh Tijl asked Orange Factory to help organise the gigs of HYPNOS 69 (plugged & unplugged) on January 16 and 17 in Tijl (Diest) and of course we're happy to do that:-)


    Attention! Line up for 10th of december, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen:
    20h15 Dozer, 21h30 Winnebago Deal, 22h30 Nebula


    We expect to end this year with nice stoner sessions with Nebula and Dozer in Mechelen next week and On Trial in Sojo's on December 19th! And early 2004 we hope to present you Gas Giant, Baby Woodrose and Ufomammut/Blutch in Sojo's. We'll keep you informed!


    The Belgian band CARLOS, will support ON TRIAL, on December 19th in Sojo.
    ELECTRIC TURN TO ME plays on Wednesday November 26th in Sojo, with KINSKI.
    That's it for now, see you Monday at the Orange Factory Party in Sojo!


    Orange Factory Party on Monday November 10 in Sojo's (November 11th is official holiday in Belgium). A party for the volunteers and the nice audience at the "Stoner" Sessions. Entrance is free; there will be DJ's, projections, a chill out... And around 9 PM live gig: LOS NATAS, are in Belgium this day and they will come to Sojo's once more to play at the Orange Factory Party! If you did not catch them last time or if you're feeling like having a good evening, come and join us...


    Hypnos 69 and Colour Haze photos are on line. Cheers Swibi! Foto's


    Danish psychedelic stoner rockers ON TRIAL will play in Sojo's on Friday December 19th!
    If you want to see Brant Bjork & The Bros and Los Natas this Saturday October 25th in Sojo's, we advise you to make a reservation!
    Unfortunately, The BellRays will not play in Hof ter Lo on October 30th.


    KINSKI will play in Sojo on November 26th. This (mostly...) instrumental rock quartet from Seattle, brings you by turns melodic, swelling, roaring, propulsive, spare, and delicate rock. No stoner, but with a lot of groove. Show in cooperation with DRIK GIGS.


    Better believe it! The European tour of HERMANO and SPOILER is CANCELLED! Hermano's bass player has broken his thumb. FUZZTONES and THE BELLRAYS will still play in Hof ter Lo on Thursday October 30th. (In collaboration with Heartbreak Tunes.)


    NEBULA and DOZER will play in Belgium on Wednesday December 10th. The gig will be in Minderbroederskerk in Mechelen (25km from Brussels) and is organised in collaboration with Cultuur Centrum Mechelen.


    Another change! The gig of HERMANO and SPOILER will NOT be in Lintfabriek, but in Hof ter Lo on Thursday October 30th, on the bill that evening are also the FUZZTONES and THE BELLRAYS. This concert is organised in coorporation with Heartbreak Tunes. There will be no Hermano show in Muziekodroom.


    HYPNOS 69 and COLOUR HAZE will play in Sojo's on Friday October 10th and not on Saturday October 11th.

    The concert of HERMANO and SPOILER will be on Thursday October 30th in Lintfabriek in Kontich. There will be no show in Muziekodroom on October 17th.


    LOS NATAS, Latin heavy psych from Argentina, will also play on Saturday October 25th in Sojo. Look forward to a groovy line up with BRANT BJORK and The Bros, LOS NATAS and WINNEBAGO DEAL on October 25th in Sojo, Kessel-lo (Leuven).

    HYPNOS 69 and COLOUR HAZE are going to do some concerts together in Belgium, Holland and Germany. On Saturday October 11th they will be in Sojo!

    Photos from El Caco, Speedway King, The Atomic Bitchwax, Cabron, The Hidden Hand, Shepherd and TPOG are on line: Foto's.

    The gig of HERMANO and SPOILER will be on another date and/or location. More info ASAP.


    BRANT BJORK and The Bros will play in Sojo's on Saturday October 25th. Brant Bjork was drummer and founding member of Kyuss, drummer of Fu Manchu, active with CHE and Dessert Sessions and solo busy with or without The Operators and on tour with The Bros. Support will be the American band WINNEBAGO DEAL.
    LOS NATAS will tour in autumn. More soon...


    HERMANO and SPOILER will play in Muziekodroom on Friday October 17th. This gig is organised in cooperation with Heartbreaktunes.


    Photos from Dozer, Pawnshop, Spiritu and John Tennis are on line, check Foto's. Cheers Nancy!


    THE HIDDEN HAND show on Sunday July 20th is confirmed! The new band of Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan) will come to Sojo, together with German doomers SHEPHERD and THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, ultraheavy doom from Gent, Belgium


    EL CACO will play at Sojo's on Sunday June 15th! Belgian groove rock band SPEEDWAY KING will be support.
    The band CABRON from Leuven, with members of Triptych, will play on July 17th in Sojo, when Atomic Bitchwax is coming there.
    There will probably be a show on Sunday July 20th with THE HIDDEN HAND, new band of Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan), German doompride SHEPHERD and THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, ultraheavy doom from Gent, Belgium.


    THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX will come to Sojo on Thursday July 17th! Yes indeed, Atomic Bitchwax are playing shows again and this summer they'll be here for a small European tour.
    Most likely, The Hidden Hand, new band of Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan) will also come to Sojo in July. More ASAP.


    EL CACO might play in Sojo in June. More information ASAP.


    We have recently been informed that Five Horse Johnson will not tour in May and June. According to the bookingsagent the band suddenly decided to go to a new, major booking agency. There will be no FIVE HORSE JOHNSON and EL GUAPO STUNTTEAM gig in Sojo on May 22nd.


    SIXTY WATT SHAMAN will not go on tour and thereby not play in Sojo's. PAWNSHOP will still play at Sojo's on Saturday April 12th.
    The DOZER and JOHN TENNIS gig in Sojo is changed to April 12th as well. And also SPIRITU is added to the line up. Four bands and an early start at 6.30PM. Doors open at 6PM. There will be no Dozer gig on April 20th.
    FIVE HORSE JOHNSON and EL GUAPO STUNTTEAM will play in Sojo's on May 22nd.


    FIVE HORSE JOHNSON will be playing at Sojo's on May 22nd.
    Go to Photos for images of The Heads and Hypnos 69 in Sojo. Cheers Swibi!
    United Musics Company organises the Stone Wizard Festival in Paris on May 25th with Hermano, Cathedral, Nebula, Orange Goblin, Mushroom River Band, Solarized, Lowrider, Misdemeanor, Blackstone, Loading Data, Eon Megahertz.


    PAWNSHOP and SIXTY WATT SHAMAN will rock Sojo's on Saturday April 12th.
    DOZER and JOHN TENNIS will play in Sojo's on Easter Sunday April 20th. Unfortunately Spiritu will not join Dozer on tour.
    Further plans are FIVE HORSE JOHNSON in May or June and UFOMAMMUT in July.


    Pawnshop and Sixty Watt Shaman will play in Sojo, probably Friday April 11th.
    Don't forget: Wednesday THE HEADS and HYPNOS 69 in Sojo! Hypnos 69 starts playing at 7.45 PM.


    Go to Photos for images of the Black Nasa, Aytobach Kreisor and Buckaneer gigs in Sojo. Cheers Swibi!


    After a holiday in January, Orange Factory is back in Belgium and ready for some live music. Join us, this Friday , February 7th, in Sojo for BLACK NASA, AYTOBACH KREISOR en BUCKANEER!
    Later this month, come and see THE HEADS and HYPNOS 69 on Wednesday February 26th in Sojo.


    THE HEADS will not play in Sojo on Monday February 24th, but on Wednesday February 26th, so they will be able to give a Ministry aftershow in Paradiso (Amsterdam) on Monday. HYPNOS 69 will also play on February 26th.


    BLACK NASA and AYTOBACH KREISOR will play in Sojo on Friday February 7th. BUCKANEER, a cruise/groove/bluesrock band from Leuven, will be support act.
    HYPNOS 69 and THE HEADS both in Sojo on February 24th, definitely recommended!


    Unfortunately the BLACK NASA and AYTOBACH KREISOR tour is postponed again, to Februari 2003. Exact date follows ASAP.
    THE HEADS will freak psychedelic in Sojo on Monday February 24th! The gig is not on Sunday as said before, because then The Heads will play in Effenaar.
    For those who wanted to go to Paris: the Stone Wizards festival is postponed to April or May 2003.


    * Stonerrock in Paris: on Sunday December 8th you can go to La Loco in Paris for the STONE WIZARDS FESTIVAL with amongst others Hermano, Lowrider, Nebula. More INFO.
    * Photos of the MOTORPSYCHO gig in Hasselt are added at Photos. There are also new pictures of HYPNOS 69 (September gig) and SUNRIDE (October gig).
    * If all goes well, BLACK NASA & AYTOBACH KREISOR will play in Sojo in January, THE HEADS will come in February! (look under Concerts)


    Photos of the DOZER gig are added at Photos. Thanks Swibi! Sunride have a Tourdiary of the Dozer / Sunride tour on their website.
    Last tickets for the MOTORPSYCHO and JAGA JAZZIST gig on Thursday November 7th in muziekodroom are being sold.
    The Radio link will lead you to a CONCERT CALENDAR for psychedelic, groovy, doomy, stonerrock or such gigs in Belgium and around.


    Plans for 2003: Leadfoot, Ufomammut, 35007, the Heads, earthlings?


    BLACK NASA and AYTOBACH KREISOR will not play in Sojo on November 10th. The tour is postponed to early 2003.


    Back from a very nice small tour with Hypnos 69 and Insider. Thanks to everyone involved!
    Don't miss: COLOUR HAZE , Sunday October 13th in Sojo! Also GAS GIANT from Denmark will play that evening.
    And on Friday October 18th, DOZER (who will release a new CD) and SUNRIDE will rock Sojo!


    On Thursday October 7th Motorpsycho will play in the large room in Muziek-o-droom in Hasselt (gig in coorporation with MUZIEKODROOM). Jaga Jazzist will be support.
    The Colour Haze and Gas Giant gig will take place on Sunday October 13th in Sojo, Kessel-lo. Check them out, their recent shows were great!


    Dozer and Sunride will play on Friday October 18th in Sojo (Kessel-lo) and not in Muziek-o-droom as announced before.
    'Stonerrock' in France : Flowerfestival in Orchies (Lille) October 5th.


    BLACK NASA, with Kris Kosnik of the Atomic Bitchwax, will play in SOjO on November 10th. Support is AYTOBACH KREISOR from New York. Black Nasa will release a full CD on Tee Pee Records in September.

    COLOUR HAZE & GAS GIANT are touring in October and we hope they'll play in Belgium at an Orange Factory gig. We're checking for gigs of 35007 and LEADFOOT later this year.

    BOOZEROONA from Belgium, who played a nice show at the stonerrock festival in the Ardennes, will play on Wednesday September 11th with Greenleaf in Rumba & co (Leuven).


    Welcome to the Orange Factory website.

    GREENLEAF from Sweden, with Tommi and Fredrik of Dozer, Peder Lowrider and Danny DemonCleaner, will play at Rumba & co in Leuven on September 11th. There will be one other band added to the line up. The gig is not in Sojo, because there are sanitary renovations...

    DOZER and SUNRIDE from Finland will tour in October. On Friday October 18th they'll probably play at Muziek-o-droom in Hasselt. This is a collaboration between Orange Factory and Heartbreak Tunes .

    Orange Factory is organising a tour for the bands INSIDER and HYPNOS69 in September 2002. The first gig is on Wednesday September 18 in SOJO! Tourdates
    There are still a few open dates on the tour. Anyone interested in organising a gig for them, please contact us orangefactory@hotmail.com Thanks!

    We've restyled the website ... (Lots of thanks to Bart!)
    Suggestions, remarks, and such can be addressed to

    If you want to stay updated about shows... Join our mailing.