By now, the musical exploits of Scott "Wino" Weinrich are the stuff of legend. The Obsessed. Saint Vitus. Spirit Caravan. The Hidden Hand. Shrinebuilder. Wino's latest project, Premonition 13, is a musical entity that finds its genesis in jam sessions dating back two decades, when Wino first met fellow guitarist Jim "Sparky" Karow. And so what started as a series of informal jams out at Karow's spread in the high California desert eventually became songwriting sessions. After enlisting the talents of Ostinato drummer Matthew Clark and former Meatjack bassist Brian Daniloski, they began playing live under the moniker Premonition 13.

Musically, Wino cites Black Sabbath, King Crimson and his previous band The Hidden Hand as reference points. He and Karow also make generous use of the E-Bow, a handheld guitar effect that sustains notes in a battery-powered electromagnetic field. "It's still pretty heavy, but it's definitely a departure from other bands I've been in," Wino offers. "I'm just excited for it to get out there so people can hear it."

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The Flying Eyes are a heavy, psychedelic rock band hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. Their name comes from a 1962 science fiction novel about giant, disembodied eyes that descend from outer space to control humanity. In late 2009, The Flying Eyes released a compilation of their first two EPs ("Bad Blood/Winter") on German indie label Trip in Time/World in Sound Records, and supported the record with a six-week European tour, notably sharing the main stage of the Burg Herzberg Festival with Hawkwind and Jeff Beck. Finally in the spring of 2011, they released their first full-length album, “Done So Wrong” (Trip in Time/World in Sound Records), accompanied by another European tour and an appearance on the legendary Rockpalast television show (broadcast on German national TV).

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Mosquito is a Belgian rock band formed in the summer of 2008. The duo came into existence because of their shared passion for music and wild dreams of being on the road. Their music could be described as a mix of heavy postrock and stoner rock. Mosquito has just recorded its fourth EP called ‘Gratitude of the Doleful’ and has been playing venues all over Belgium and The Netherlands.

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