Ufomammut played its first show for Orange Factory in 2000, and since then this Italian power trio has been recognized worldwide for its unique genre of space sludge that combines monumental riffing with futuristic psychedelia. Many albums on Supernatural Cat and Neurot Recordings, tours in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Russia followed and now Ufomammut will return with a new drummer to set Het Depot on fire!

Ufomammut live shows are supported by the art of Malleus, the collective of which Poia and Urlo are part and that is responsible for those gorgeous Orange Factory concert posters!

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Since their early days Monkey3 has a strong connection with Belgium through Buzzville Records, so no wonder they did several shows for Orange Factory over the years. Their music has been ever expanding since and the Swiss four-piece has ventured out further and further into Europe from their launch bases at Stickman and Napalm Records.

Those who’ve seen them recently on Belgian festivals fields know to be prepared for an intens cosmic sound-wall from a spaced-out stoner bastard child of Pink Floyd and 35007.

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This tremendous Norwegian powertrio specialises in heavy psychedelic rock jazz with a ferocious Hammond organ and has one of the most tight and groovy rhythm sections around. These past years they've been conquering audiences in Sojo's and surely will do the same in Het Depot!

Veterans on the world's jazz festival circuit, but these musicians also rock; organ player Ståle Storløkken (Supersilent, Humcrush) is known to co-operate with Motorpsycho, Torstein Lofthus used to drum in Norwegian progressive metal band Shining and bassplayer Nikolai Hængsle is also member of Møster! and Needlepoint.


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