Hedvig Mollestad Trio by Julia Marie Naglestad Jazz or metal? Stonerswing? Or doomjazz maybe? For every new record critics try to invent an adequate genre name for their spellbinding and uncompromising music. Classic Rock Magazine dubbed them "Jazz Sabbath".

"Whether your heart lies within the jazzy stuff or you like the heavy beats of good ol' rock'n'roll, the trio has become a live favorite, and have played everything from dirty small clubs all around the world, to classy concerts halls opening for John McLaughlin and also big metal and music festivals like Roadburn (…).
The album, in any case, gives you dark-churning Tony Iommi riffs, a touch of Sonny Sharrock /wildness, and traces of doom metal and stoner rock, without ever sounding retro. (…). The guitar playing is explosive but focused, and the cohesion within the band is unshakable. However dense or spaced out this music gets, there’s no question that it sounds alive."
(Nate Chinen, New York Times)


Hidden Trails

Powertrio that arose from the ashes of Hypnos69, going back to the beginnings with less drama, mellow vocals and shorter songs. Psychedelic rock complemented with mesmerising spacey effects.



OMB is a band from Leuven providing no-nonsense bluesrock. With a driving parade of catchy guitar riffs, pounding bass and drilling drums, the band hopes to convert you, and attack your senses and emphatic abilities.