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Ufomammut: 21.45 - ...
Lento: 20.30 - 21.00
Boozeroona: 19.30 - 20.00
San Diablo: 18.30 -19.00


With long songs, droning vocals and massive effects Ufomammut is right there along side of Neurosis, combining their monumental riffing attitude with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd. Ufomammut's live show is supported by the internationally acclaimed video and graphic art of Malleus, a rock artists’ collective who conjure the entirety of Ufommamut’s visual impact.

Review of Idolum in Rock-a-Rolla Issue 14:

"In an evolutionary path contrary to a lot of bands, Ufomammut seem to be taking the extremity of their sound further and further. When you think their suffocating heavy sound can't get more so, they push you down a little bit more with each successive album. Idolum is another step in this direction. Already their fifth album, if you count the Lent0 collaboration (which is so good that it really deserves to be counted), and it's their most oppressive and confrontational recording yet. Already way too deep in their own sound and in their own vision to still be considered part of the post-something Neurosis-worship movement, Ufomammut's tectonic movements of sound resonate with a strange sense of space. Think Electric Wizard in orbit or a more ambient YOB and you're somewhere close. Their previous album, Lucifer's Songs, was more concrete than Idolum, which sees the band add a stronger psychedelic, out-there component to the songs, and makes them slightly more difficult but infinitely more rewarding. Outgrowing the by-now-typical crescendo songwriting structure, Idolum works more with jittery up-and-down dynamics that change the course of a song unexpectedly. The best example of Ufomammut's approach might be the sublime "Hellectric", where the softer parts seem to teasing you, challenging you to guess when everything will inevitably come crashing down. A hugely satisfying record" (José Carlos Santos).



Lento started working out a sort of introspective and implosive approach, taking their cue from a wide range of influences including seminal bands such as Neurosis, Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Lento's tone is a blend of heavily down tuned guitars, apocalyptic slow tempos, systematic drones and resonant feedback, their live sets alternate from hardcore assaults to intimate collapses of the signals.


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