’60 garage and psychedelica à la MC5 or early Monster Magnet, featuring ex-members of On Trial and an early incarnation of The Raveonettes

-Reviews of their last album 'Chasing Rainbows':

Shindig Mag - UK
Baby Woodrose have stirred together a huge variety of ingredients ranging from melodic garage-pop to full blown hippyisms and managed to come up with a record that would’ve melted minds 40 years ago. What’s even better: it all sounds 100% fresh and relevant right here and now. (Pekka Laine)

All that’s heavy - USA
Money for Soul was a wild romp through pop-influenced '60's garage rock, Chasing Rainbows is more interested in the psychedelic angle. The 11 songs on the album get progressively darker and more twisted. These guys really know how to write some great throwback tunes. If you're in the mood for some drugged out '60's garage pop with some lyrical heft, this is the album for you.

-Review LIVE @ RODABURN 2008

Kindamuzik - NL
"You are all a bunch of fucking dope smoking lazy metalheads!" Lorenzo Woodrose is niet naar Tilburg gekomen om vrienden te maken. Tenminste, niet via zijn aankondigingen, waarin de frontman van Baby Woodrose luidkeels zijn afkeer van metal en metalheads verkondigt. Of het gemeend is of dat hij het satirisch bedoelt, is niet helemaal duidelijk. Feit is het Deense trio op muzikale merites wél vrienden maakt. De psychedelische rock in de lijn van 13th Floor Elevators en Monster Magnet wordt retestrak en met veel charisma de kleine zaal ingeblazen. (Martijn ter Haar en Tijs Heesterbeek)



Band from Leuven, formed during the summer of 2005, by some psychedelic youngsters, who share a hughe interest and love for music.

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