Motorpsycho is a band from Trondheim in Norway. Their music can generally be defined as psychedelic rock, but they also mix in elements from metal, jazz, rock, pop and many other musical styles.
Formed in the late eighties as an alternative metal band, Motorpsycho soon developed a unique blend of grunge, heavy metal and indierock, as well as incorporating the sonic noise experiments of associated member Deathprod. The hugely ambitious, progressive "Demon Box" (1993) album followed a series of low-profile EPs and albums, earning the band a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy, and secured a loyal following in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as in Scandinavia.

The nineties was an extremely productive era for the band, releasing new material almost every year, and enjoying critical acclaim for each album. With the 2000 album "Let Them Eat Cake", Motorpsycho suddenly took huge steps away from their noisy hard rock roots, opting instead for a smoother, jazz-tinged approach to the songwriting and recording process. They kept this technique for the subsequent releases, Phanerothyme and It's A Love Cult.
The long awaited double album Black Hole/Blank Canvas has received great reviews, and it is considered one of their best albums ever, proving the skill of the arguably most innovative Norwegian band during the last decade. Today, their cult status and extremely loyal fans remains unmatched by any Norwegian band.

2008 saw the release of a new record "Little Lucid Moments", an album with only 4 songs, the shortest one clocking in at 11 minutes. Recently Motorpsycho did very impressive live gigs with the new drummer who is fully integrated in the band now.
Motorpsycho is back with full force and ready to confirm their status as one of the best European live bands around!


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