Inspired by the heavy blues and 70's rock, this hard hitting band from Oslo, Norway is producing classic hard rock, stonerrock with a lot of blues. Mix it up with 2 spoonfuls of doom and psychedelia and you got Lonely Kamel.
Dust Devil, their third album, was released at the end of 2011 by Transubstans Records. Lonely Kamel has been part of the line up of Up in Smoke and Roadburn and is a ballbreaking hard, loud and tight live act.

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With their own brand of energetic and dynamic psychedelic rock, this Belgian cult band combines strong and heavy sounds with pleasant melodies and jazzy, melancholic and spacey moments. Their sound has obvious hints to King Crimson and Pink Floyd, from dreamy to violent with propulsive interplay, fiery guitar and powerful saxophone. They use a myriad of influences to produce a very vital sound with a sonic power that goes beyond the easily noticeable vintage influences.

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