Motorpsycho by Thor Egil Leirtø MOTORPSYCHO

Legendary psychedelic rock band from Norway. Active since 1989, over the years, Motorpsycho moved from their initial mixture of hardrock, indie and hardcore music, playing almost any kind of musical genre: pop, psych rock, lo-fi, stoner, avantgarde, classic hard rock, acoustic, shoegaze, fusion, jazz rock, but always with this typical Motorpsycho sensibility to it. Their organic rock draws explicitly from the past but remains stunningly crisp.

The band is known for live sets where they donít just play the songs of their albums, but take them to a higher level with extended trips and long improvisations. New album Here Be Monsters promises to be slower and more epic than most of the recent material, and leans rather towards the psych-side of motorpsychodelia.


Photo by Thor Egil Leirtø