Monkey3 at Sojo
Monkey3 are an instrumental band, specialised in massive grooves infused by heavy psych and post-Sabbath sludge, yet they manage to elude the stereotype. This must be because of their continental isolation, although the presence of a forth member on keyboards/samples gives them a kind of edge Pink Floyd had in the 70s: it's the combination of warm & fuzzy grooves (desert music, you know) with futurist samples and wicked keyboard-sounds, which almost creates a glacial atmosphere that evokes widescreen ice-covered landscapes or lunar mountain ridges instead of Death Valley sunsets.
Even though the band creates a wall of sound that almost qualified for the "colossal"-adjective, they also maintain a precision you wouldn't expect, with intricate Tool-inspired interplay, multi-layered sections and quite subtle mood shifts. As on their album, Monkey3 seem to inhabit the region in between Pink Floyd (the space-rock element), Pelican (the epic visions it conjures), Ufomammut (the oppressive heaviness and addition of futurist keyboards) and experimental hardrock.


Ashtoreth at Roadburn
Ashtoreth is a solo-project in search of a shamanistic perspective, channeling at times minimal, meditative ambient drones with layers of meandering guitars and at others a catharsis of doom, drone, ambient, folk, metal, noise and experimentation. Always in a free and improvised form. A one man's journey into the unknown, exploring new sonic landscapes with every single live performance, a shamanic journey through sound and emotions.


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