Progressive noise-rock with a lot of psych, free jazz and even subtle mathrock influences.
Moester photo by Oddbjoern Steffensen
Møster! are a really explosive experimental psychedelic rock outfit. The brainchild of sax player Kjetil Møster who is fronting a dream team of Norwegian musicians: Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan (Motorpsycho), Nikolai Eilertsen (Elephant 9) and Kenneth Kapstad (Motorpsycho, Monolitic, Spidergawd). Prog rock, psychedelia and John Coltrane's jazz are obvious sources of inspiration for the band, but they also share the honours with everyone from King Crimson in their Red period to Alice Coltrane and the krautrock masters of Can.

"Heavy, grooving psychedelic music is what they are into. The opening track 'Nebula and Red Giant' starts with a long spacey intro before they set foots on the ground marked by the intense drum work by Kapstad. In the second part of the second track, 'Bandha', we are surprised by a funky groove. 'Journey' starts as a jazzy, lyrical ballad before changing into a moody and dreamy laid-back excursion with fine solos on top of it. 'Soundhouse Rumbleø is built on heavy and solid drums with battling guitar and sax in the forefront. Møster! convinces above all as a very tight and solid unit, with fine and dedicated playing by all members." (DM, vitalweekly.net about album 'When You Cut Into the Present')

Photo by Oddbjørn Steffensen


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