Ufomammut Over the past two decades Ufomammut has been recognised worldwide for its unique genre of space sludge, full of monumental riffs and futuristic psychedelia, and topped with distorted vocals.

The recent arrival of a new drummer in 2022 marks a new chapter in the band's history and unveils a more free sound for the group, resulting in album Fenice ('phoenix' in Italian) on which the band completes their ultra-heavy cosmic sound with more introspective listening experiences.

Ufomammut's live shows are supported by the graphic and video art of Malleus, the renowned rock artists' collective of which guitarist Poia and bass player Urlo are part. Poia describes the longer Ufomammut compositions "like a painting" as if to reinforce the relevance and importance of visual art in their music.

2024 brings a new record and a European tour to support it.

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Bolt Ruin brings immersive electronic music that fuses the energy of black metal with cinematic sonic palettes. Pushing his destructive sound design further into digital realms, even pulling in distorted memories of warehouse raves. Live, Bolt Ruin brings a thunderous live A/V set, amplifying the music's intensity with synchronized strobe lights.


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