I guess we don't need to rave about the legacy of the man who is Robert Scott Weinrich, better known as Wino here. Or do we? If names such as Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand or Shrinebuilder ring a bell at you, then you know that we are talking true Rock legacy here as well as history. Two decades of fine musical craftsmanship, never surrender and no stop for gas - this is Wino.

To add to his legacy he now will follow fan's and collegue's requests to record a fully acoustic solo record. These requests came up last year when after the sudden death of his bass player Jon Blank, Wino had no choice but play the already booked tour supporting Clutch in the US alone, armed only with his Framus acoustic guitar. The shows offered a different side of the man: intimate, intense and full of atmosphere.

He liked performing acoustic as much as the punters and so the plan began to materialize. Wino is gonna head into the studio to record a fully acoustic record for Exile On Mainstream Records. It will consist of all new songs, so don't worry, this is not gonna be your typical 'Greatest Hits in new arrangement' kinda stuff. No, this is gonna be a deep and dark view into the soul of one of the most important songwriters of our time. The record itself will be released in fall accompanied by a tour.

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Darsombra, the pseudonym of Baltimore guitarist Brian Daniloski, inhabits the nether regions of 21st century experimental music where traditions as disparate as doom rock, musique concrete, psychedelic, ambient, noise and neoclassical merge into a seamless continuum of sound. From monolithic and dense to minimal and shimmering, Darsombra explores the contrasts between light and darkness, the beautiful and grotesque.

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Very chilled side project by musicians of the local bands Wheel of Smoke and Rivercrest. The trio will perform with sitar, flute and percussion.

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