Monkey3 are an instrumental band, specialised in massive grooves infused by heavy psych and post-Sabbath sludge, yet they manage to elude the stereotype. This must be because of their continental isolation, although the presence of a forth member on keyboards/samples gives them a kind of edge Pink Floyd had in the 70s: it's the combination of warm & fuzzy grooves (desert music, you know) with futurist samples and wicked keyboard-sounds, which almost creates a glacial atmosphere that evokes widescreen ice-covered landscapes or lunar mountain ridges instead of Death Valley sunsets. Even though the band created a wall of sound that almost qualified for the "colossal"-adjective, they also maintained a precision you wouldn't expect, with intricate Tool-inspired interplay, multi-layered sections and quite subtle mood shifts. As on their album, Monkey3 seem to inhabit the region in between Pink Floyd (the space-rock element), Pelican (the epic visions it conjures), Ufomammut (the oppressive heaviness and addition of futurist keyboards) and experimental hardrock. Seeing them live made me realize that not only guitarist Boris is an excellent musician, but that also bassist Picasso (yep) and drummer Walter are forces to be reckoned with, displaying force and refinement. Swiss rock is still in good hands, don't worry about that.
New album "The 5th Sun" (cover artwork by John Howard) got just released on Napalm Records/Spinning Goblin.



Pektop is a band out of Leuven, born in 2007. Three young guys mixing slow heavy drone and stoner rock. Gigging through Europe, this heavy rocking trio learned the hard way to kick some serious ass. Late 2010 saw the release of the first Pektop studio album, "The Antikythera Mechanism". This year the band recruited a vocalist and he immediately joined in with recording their second release, a 4 track EP called "Black Moonshine", available since this Summer, more live shows have been following since.


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