They never really fitted the stoner rock label and on their third full CD, the band shifted towards slightly jazzier and prog-oriented territory, with some of the songs providing the missing link between classic King Crimson and Pink Floyd. However, it's not that the band has forgotten how to rock. When you've visited one of their shows, you'll know they're capable of conjuring up a massive wall of sound:

" With a determination to once again prove their stature as retro-rockers par excellence, they ascended the stage, only to step off of it two hours later, sweaty, worn-out and revered by an audience that would eat of their hands if they’d gotten the opportunity. ... When the band kicked off with “The Endless Void,” I thought for a minute that the ceiling was gonna come down, as their soundman intended to create the best combination possible of loudness and clear sound for full impact. ... They’re more focused, confident, sharper and, yes, better than ever and that implies their shows are as good as the retro-thing gets in Belgium. ... " (from Live Review by Guy Peters)

"... je me retrouve subitement en 1974, face à des sosies de musiciens célèbres (enfin presque…) : oui, le bassiste d’Hypnos 69 ressemble à Andy Fraser de Free, le claviériste est une copie de Ray Manzarek des Doors, le batteur fait penser à John Bonham de Led Zeppelin et le guitariste est une résurgence de Del Bromham de Stray. Fantastique! ... Hypnos 69 poursuit sa progression dans des titres à la construction complexe, multipliant les épisodes sonores et montant patiemment son mur de son. ..." (from Live Review by François Becquart)



Berlin based groove rock band from the excellent Elektrohasch label (Colour Haze, Hypnos 69).
"Heavy music, Psychedelic, Jazz flavored, complex and yet of irresistibel groove!"