With their own brand of energetic and dynamic psychedelic rock, this Belgian cult band combines strong and heavy sounds with pleasant melodies and jazzy, melancholic or spacey moments. Their sound has obvious hints to King Crimson and Pink Floyd, from dreamy to violent with propulsive interplay, fiery guitar and powerful saxophone. The band combines a myriad of influences to produce a very vital sound with a sonic power that goes beyond the easily noticeable vintage influences. In the same way as like-minded bands as Motorpsycho and Anekdoten, Hypnos 69 are known for their excellent live shows.

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This Swedish band consists of Nicklas Barker (Anekdoten) on guitar, Mathias Danielsson (Makajodama, and formerly of Gösta Berlings Saga) also on guitar, Ronny Eriksson (Magnolia) on bass and Tomas Eriksson on drums: four relative strangers who capture the achingly beautiful, melancholic music magic that ensues when talent and intuition meet and marry, and the inspired result casts its hypnotic, psychedelic spell on us all. A spontaneous musical meeting in the summer of 2009 lead to their first album Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet, recorded in 2 hours and totally improvised with no previous rehearsals on 16 track 2" analogue tape. A new album is recorded in 2011 and will be out soon.

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Jamming since 2003, in various settings, at various events and parties, under the influence of various psychedelic additives, if you can dig it.. always improvising and having lots of great fun!

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