My Sleeping Karma combines the organic aspect of psychedelic groove rock with emotional shades of aphasian landscapes. That was the inTention of the debut album and it still remains. Guitar, bass and drums in love with a soundboard. My Sleeping Karma's second album "Satya" released in 2008 on Elektrohasch Records. And time is the major keyword in the context of "Satya". The conditioned mind is always moving between the past and future, and this movement activity creates the illusion of time. My Sleeping Karma's new album "Tri" is also out on Elektrohasch Records.

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The Machine is a heavy rock powertrio from Holland. They mix stonerrock riffing, retro psych and some occasional acid blues jams. Their new album "Drie" was released in December 2010 at Elektrohasch Records. The new material lets The Machine explore its territories while staying true to their psychedelic stonerrock sound.

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Band from Leuven, formed by some psychedelic youngsters, who share the same interests and love for playing music, "because music is the most high"! Currently working on their debut album.

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