This band blends classic Hawkwind influenced space sounds with great melodies and heavy stoner rock riffs into some of the best nowadays spacerock!

Like an apocalyptic beacon from the dark cosmos, Farflung awake from the cryogenic tubes with warped sensibilities and cosmic wrath... This is the heaviest and most tripped-out offering from these musicnauts to date. Dive bombing moogs, crushing riffs, and mind numbing cataclysmic overtures. This is A Wound In Eternity. They set off in this new year to bring spacerock to your mental galaxy bathed in infared, shuddering under the strobes, and warping the eyes. Look to the skies for a touchdown near you.

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Black Rainbows formed in 2005. After recording their first full lenght album "Twilight In The Desert" they were picked up by Longfellow Deed Records, a label based in Paris and known for the production of bands like Baby Woodrose, Honcho and Sparzanza. "The band plays a kind of Stoner Rock, that draws influences from acts like Nebula, the high and mighty Blue Cheer (hail!) and Slo Burn, as well as the groovy touches from Kyuss" (All That's Heavy). Black Rainbows' second full lenght "Carmina Diabolo" came out last year.

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This band started off in Leuven in late 2007, coming from different musical backgrounds they found a common passion in heavy riffing and powerful melodies. Beginning with the idea of a stoner rock band they quickly expanded into different genres such as blues, psychedelic rock and metal. Playing as a trio without having vocals in their music, they are trying to show the meaning behind music without the need for lyrics.

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