This German heavy psychedelic rock band is situated at the forefront of today's stoner/psychedelic rock scene. Stefan Koglek's characteristic guitar travels between warm, floating melodies and distorted riffs, and combined with Manfred Merwald's rich articulate drumming and Philipp Rasthofer's hypnotic yet melodic bass lines Colour Haze have created a sound that is undeniably their own and recognizable from the first note. Stefan Koglek is also founder and label boss of Elektrohasch Schallplatten, home of Hypnos69, Rotor, Sungrazer, Los Natas and My Sleeping Karma, amongst others.

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HYPNOS 69    

With their own brand of energetic and dynamic psychedelic rock, this Belgian cult band combines strong and heavy sounds with pleasant melodies and jazzy, melancholic or spacey moments. Their sound has obvious hints to King Crimson and Pink Floyd, from dreamy to violent with propulsive interplay, fiery guitar and powerful saxophone. The band combines a myriad of influences to produce a very vital sound with a sonic power that goes beyond the easily noticeable vintage influences. In the same way as like-minded bands as Motorpsycho and Anekdoten, Hypnos 69 are known for their excellent live shows.

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This rock trio from Berlin plays instrumental music since 1998. They make "an infernal intensive noise between old Kyuss, older eccentric US-indie-rock and very old psychedelic rumble". Their strength lies in jazzy and progressive song structures combined with "distorted riffing and turbo charged wah-pedal action, which stampedes through you like a herd of buffalo chasing the sun". Be prepared for some serious head banging!

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Sungrazer is a heavy rock three piece formed in the beginning of 2009. Their music ranges from psychedelic jams to stoner rock. Dutch music medium VPRO 3VOOR12 wrote: "After a mad and sometimes reckless journey through swamp and desert, the members of Sungrazer seem to have reached their final destination. Return to the stoner roots, so with a twist of Kyuss! Calm, rising and dragging riffs, sometimes with a psychedelic edge, alternate heavy droning choruses."

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