Nick DiSalvo DELVING

Delving is a musical project by Nick DiSalvo (Elder, Weite), that begun as a vehicle to explore musical ideas that didn't fit in existing projects: kraut-ish rock, psych rock, 70's style prog, early electronic music, jazz and even ambient sounds. The all-instrumental debut album Hirschbrunnen is out on Stickman Records and a new one is coming soon.

"Hirschbrunnen is a treasure trove of wonders, impressively covering ambient, electronic, prog and psychedelic rock" Astral Noize



Rivercrest Dutch band with members of The Devil's Blood, Death Alley, Shaking Godspeed, Birth of Joy and Pauw, their debut full length got released on Stickman Records in 2023, a frantic album that follows the logic of a dream; none. Photo by David Eering

"Distorted Sound dubbed them as "masters of strange and etherial psychedelia".


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