KROKOFANT w/ Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten

"Krokofant's mix of jazz & prog is simultaneously frighteningly intense & breathlessly exhilarating, played with a combination of power and precision that recalls King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Generator in their prime." (Ian Mann)

pic by Thor Egil Leirtrø Krokofant made two stellar heavy prog albums with these Nordic giants. And the expanded Krokofant is everything a progressive jazz and rock fan could wish for; positive energy, melodic riches, excellent musicianship and a touch of magic served with a healthy respect for the past and a foot in the future. (Pic by Thor Egil Leirtrø)

"But it's in the extended jam sections that they really burn, with Håker Flaten and drummer Axel Skalstad hunkering down into a dark relentless chug over which guitar, sax and organ take turns soloing. Here, Storløkken is the main attraction, rolling out a huge, cavernous Hammond sound that'll set your flares flapping." (Nick Hasted)

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Undslyld by Dries De Roey UNDSKYLD

Undskyld prefers soundscapes over words in between songs, making every live set a sonic trip, as the band pushes its way through waves of grit and grooves. Members are also involved in Young Brides, Temple Fang, Capsule, Toe Topic, Gnome.


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