Siena Root is swedish fourpiece that has been filling houses in the Stockholm underground scene since the end of the last century. Their classic but yet original sound is much based on heavy organ, strat leads, bass riffing and big drums. On top of it all, bluesy soulful vocals.
Through the years the music has developed in such a way that jamming and improvising has become an essential element, always keeping you on the edge of your seat. The varied concert set is full of energetic material and marks the band's further move into full-blown heavy music with lashings of psychedelic and progressive. Their live show is truly a dynamic root rock happening as it takes the audience between anything from acoustic sitar compositions to roaring Hammond riffs. It’s dramatic and exiting visually as well as emotionally.

In 2004 the debut album "A New Day Dawning" was released worldwide. The album has achieved highly acclaimed criticism throughout Europe. Now Siena Root releases a single with a new lineup. "Mountain Songs" features a new voice, as beautiful as the sundown and as powerful as the ocean itself, it´s the voice of Sanya. This lineup gives the music the psychedelic touch it deserves without compromising on the heaviest riffin’. It has the ability to go from a whisper to a roar, from darkness to the brightest light.

"they played a full set over two hours ... the whole show was a trip back into the heydays of heavy bluesy organ-based rock ca. 1971. SIENA ROOT were amazingly tight and heavy, and they did some jamming and improvisation as it was usual in the 70's, but they never lose the song or came up with some sort of long-winding boredom" Klaus Kleinowski,


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