Ufomammut doesnít do songs, they do soundscapes. Taking elements from sludge-metal, doom, industrial, electro, space-rock, heavy acid-fried psych, stoner and stuff thatís better suited as a movie score, they deliver this bulldozer grind that canít really be classified as music. When you go to a Ufomammut show, youíre not gonna listen to music, because youíre treated to an experience for all senses. The play so loud youíll feel the wind coming from all the amplifiers and itíll make your intestines scared as hell. If listening to Mastodon can give you an idea of what itís like to be on a battlefield with danger and noise coming from all sides, Ufomammut shows you what itís liked to be trapped in quicksand, when e v e r y t h i n g b e c o m e s h e a v y a n d s l o w s d o w n .
Also, the Malleus Rock Art Lab delivers an insane visual show (nauseating projections) that tops off the multi-sensorial experience. (Uit Live Review door Guy Peters)



Expositie by Malleus Rock Art Lab from Italy, designers for Monster Magnet, Sonic Youth, Melvins, MTV, stonerrock.com, ... and of course the Orange Factory series. Silkscreen posters by Malleus are published in several poster art books, among which ďThe art of modern rock".



Band will not be on tour with Ufomammut.