Dozer has been at the top of European stoner rock for more than 10 years. From their first releases, a split EP with Unida and their debut album (released on the cult label Man's Ruin) on, the band keeps making very strong records, always very well received in music press.
Dozer have progressed beyond their early influences and created a style of their own incorporating modern elements into their classic heavy rock sound. A sound that always has been intensely heavy but yet also strongly song and melody driven by the distinctive vocals of singer Fredrik Nordin and the awesome riffs of guitarist Tommi Holappa.

Dozer has done countless tours in Europa, USA, Canada and Australia; shared stages with Mastodon, Rollins Band, Hellacopters, Unida and showed the world a slab of what real passionate music is all about! (Photo by Erik Bäckwall)