Brant Bjork begun the ultimate stoner cult band Kyuss at 16, afterwards he joined Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator, Fatso Jetson, Dessert Sessions and CH'E. His recent band, The Bros, will tour Europe in May and they will release a new record with for the first time Alfredo Hernandez on drums.

But first 'An Evening with Brant Bjork', in a cosy setting, allrounder Brant Bjork live on stage, alone and with his more personal songs. Brant has just released a new solo album, Tres Dias, a perfect soundtrack to the desert.

Before the gig, SABBIA, a desert film by Kate McCabe and Brant Bjork will be shown. Although there will be some seating, it will be a casual screening so that people can mingle and drink while casually watching the film. Sabbia is a beautiful and magestic vision of desert landscapes coupled with weird people sequences and music by Brant Bjork. Some of the music has been previously released, but a majority of it is rare 4 track recordings and music specifically composed for the film.
After the gig more desert vibes, soulful music and cool drinks!


Expo Steven Schoorens

This day also an exhibition of psychedelic paintings by Steven Schoorens, also a tattoo artist.

Steven Schoorens web