The singer, guitarist and songwriter of this San Francisco power trio is Lori Crover and while it seems like the phrase "wife-of-Melvins-drummer-Dale" is part of her name, her ability to make music needs no qualifications. Acid King worships 'heaviness'. Their sound is filled with thundering low end and fat ass riffs. They play ultra low end, fuzzed out, psychedelic, stoner rock; slow but heavy. The band shared stages with and toured with likeminded bands, Melvins, Sleep, Hawkwind, The Obsessed. Small Stone recently released Acid King's 'III', their new and also best album, with Guy Pinhas (Obsessed, Goatsnake) on bass. Soon in Europe for the first time, and not to be missed.



They never really fitted the stoner rock label and on their third full CD, the band shifted towards slightly jazzier and prog-oriented territory, with some of the songs providing the missing link between classic King Crimson and Pink Floyd. However, it's not that the band has forgotten how to rock. When you've visited one of their shows, you'll know they're capable of conjuring up a massive wall of sound:
" With a determination to once again prove their stature as retro-rockers par excellence, they ascended the stage, only to step off of it two hours later, sweaty, worn-out and revered by an audience that would eat of their hands if they’d gotten the opportunity. ... When the band kicked off with “The Endless Void,” I thought for a minute that the ceiling was gonna come down, as their soundman intended to create the best combination possible of loudness and clear sound for full impact. ... They’re more focused, confident, sharper and, yes, better than ever and that implies their shows are as good as the retro-thing gets in Belgium. ... " (uit Live Review door Guy Peters)