Last year Anekdoten released their 5th studio album “A Time Of Day”, on which the band plunges deeper into their very own universe, still not willing to make any musical compromises.
Anekdoten are considered one of the leading bands in contemporary progressive rock. Their intensive, dark, dynamic and for each subsequent release more original music have also made an appeal among metal- and rockfans all over the world. They combine their 70's influenced progressive rock (King Crimson) with a more contemporary sound and should appeal to Hypnos 69 fans or to Motorpsycho fans, era Vortex Surfer.

Anekdoten's reputation as a great live act was already established after their performance at Progfest ´94 in Los Angeles. They have been touring in Europe numerous times, played in the USA three times and Japan twice. They have also performed in Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.



Anunnaki is an experimental and psychedelic based project formed in 2008, of Hypnos 69 guitarist/vocalist Steve Houtmeyers. The atmospheric sound created includes regular instruments as the electric guitar, piano and synthesiser, but also features more unusual devices such as the Theremin, Ebow, live sample recorder and the latest innovative instrument, the Kelstone.
Anunnaki also recorded a first album entitled ‘Summoning of the Spirits’, to be released this summer. If you’re into the great psychedelic sounds of the ‘70s, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Fripp & Eno … Anunnaki will take you boldly where no man has gone before!


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